A protein supplement that’s hard to beat

So you have to find time to swim, to ride and to run. Then you need to get adequate sleep to recover for your next session. Depending on your current life situation you may have a partner who needs some quality time, a kid or more that needs time and attention, 40 plus hours of work and commute to add on top of that without getting into extra stuff like stretching, core, etc. etc. etc.

To keep going through all this you need to eat and as we are often told you can’t expect to run a race car on low grade fuel. So depending on the time of day you train getting quality food in can be a real hassle.

Diet choice has become a hot topic, on Transitions and in life in general. It’s hard to go out anywhere where there is food in sight and not have to be accosted by a zealot of some form of eating plan extolling the virtues of their chosen diet, often ad-nauseum. Regardless of which diet camp you pitch your tent in and the amount of, or total absence of, carbs in your chosen diet most agree that protein is an important part of most eating plans and essential in a good recovery meal.

The problem I have generally found is that powders seem overly expensive for what they claim and what they often really are. Pre made shakes are likewise expensive and often come up short in their actual protein component and while I love eggs and can devour them in almost any form , the time between finishing training and getting in the car to ferry the kids to school, doesn’t leave me enough time for the luxury of a cooked meal prepared from scratch.

Icon Foods in Sydney use pasteurising to enable fresh egg white to have an extended life out of the shell and with this technology on board have a range of products that contain fresh egg whites as their main ingredient and the primary source of their protein hit.

Their pre made shakes called LIFE PLUS come in French Vanilla and Choc Fudge and contain pasteurised egg whites as the predominant protein source. One shake gives 45 grams of protein which is better bang for buck than most others on the market. However in saying that it was probably more designed with those that are after more bulk than a triathlete as the serves are, at 500ml, pretty hefty butt would taken in two serves the protein hit is still reasonable and the portion size more manageable. They still need to be refrigerated, so aren’t a super convenience food, but would certainly suffice for a protein top up on the way to work in the car or on the way to the station if you were short of time. The taste is definitely better than the others made solely from powdered protein, even the harshest critics, my kids, liked the taste of them.


Icon also make a range of egg white products designed for cooking, so if you like making omelettes from egg whites or are just a huge pavlova buff but don’t like throwing out all the yolks these are handy as well. The Pure Egg egg whites are just that, pure egg whites pasteurised, so if you have your own secret shake formula that requires a protein injection then you can use this as your delivery method instead of adding powders. It can also be used as an egg white omelette base if that is your desire, to add to whatever takes your fancy. For those of us less inventive souls they also make a few pre-packaged options. Their pre prepared mixes come in a spinach and fetta omelette, a cheesy omelette and also an egg white scramble mix. Now for mine egg white omelettes are not the most appetising thing on the planet, but they do serve a purpose, and nor does pouring the mix from a carton make an appetising picture but once it cooks it is pretty darn good, in both the spinach and cheesy variants. The egg white scramble mix is a surprise as it comes out yellow, thanks to its beta carotene colouring and is pretty good on the pallet too. Out of the carton and in to a pan these mixes are ready to eat in a few minutes. And while I know that cracking a few eggs is no big deal and not much slower, if you only want the whites it does become a bit more cumbersome and time consuming, or if you are like me and have a budding Adriano Zumbo in the family you can never actually be sure from one minute to the next whether there will be any fresh eggs in the house.

Anyway, what I want to do where possible with our reviews, apart from the bad pun headings, is get members to have some uncensored input so as you can get more than one opinion where possible and also hopefully allay any fears of perceived bias. In that vein I took the liberty of getting some of these products to “Workinglikeadog” and “KT05” both long standing members of Transitions for their input.


“I really liked the stuff.

Had good flavour no chemical after taste like you can get with some others like Aussie bodies.

They had long use by dates, which is a positive.

The refrigeration obviously adds to that but can be a drawback if you wanted to travel.

Serving size is pretty big (maybe for this whippet), so I was a thirsty as a dingo after taking in the full serves.

The egg mix was great. (See photo below) Could hardly tell the difference from the shell direct method.

Overall it's a great product, great taste; I think they will sell well.

The refrigeration is a positive and a drawback.


(While his effort will probably not get him a start on MKR or Masterchef the thought was much appreciated. Ed.) Photo courtesy “Workinglikeadog”


With all the products (as you pointed out) don’t look at them. They appear watery, until you pour them and they look “egg whitey” and viscous and not for human consumption!
But then again some of the gym junkie products out there appear the same and the gym junkies are not interested in the look or the taste half the time, as long as it helps recovery to push more.

So, Protein Shake - French Vanilla or Choc.

The 500ml containers - for me anyway - were too much in one go. I used them after long or hard efforts when the muscles are taxed the most. I ended up splitting the use into 2 or even 3 goes and simply fridged the leftovers.

The French vanilla was too sickly sweet for me, whereas the chocolate I liked. I actually sent the wife to Woolies to get me another! That stopped at one as the price at $6 + put an end to that. I haven’t done a VM assessment to understand the cost relative to a tub of Endura or high 5 4:1, but it seems high.

I could continue to use the chocolate, no problem. I was pouring it over cereal or taking it before a shower and then ate a separate breakfast after but my kids both spat it out. (My kids must be used to worse cooking. Ed)

Scrambled egg mixes - plain and fetta / herb.

I liked both, very convenient to just crack it open and pour it in the pan (this was the weirdest to look at).

Again, the 600ml was too much, I was using half, putting it on toast and giving the little human some of the left overs. Fridge the rest for next time.

The final cooked texture is a little different to look at, but taste wise I didn’t have a problem with it. It was like scrambled eggs.
I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy it though, 2 cracked eggs on toast is generally enough for me after training.
The pasteurising of them must be responsible for the longevity, and I like that you can fridge the left overs and use it again. I don’t know what this does to the nutrient value - other than the protein would presumably be unaffected.

It’s a convenient product to use and seems to be something new based on a more 'natural' angle rather than the synthetic this / that or boosters that the gym junkies love.

It probably will build a fan base because it’s ready to go and doesn’t require a power / water / milk combo and a shaker to get it down the hatch. I probably wouldn’t rush out to buy it, a little costly and frankly I enjoy cracking an egg and cooking it but for on the go or away from home it may be a convenient option....provided it is chocolate!!

These products should be available in your local supermarket, and prices can vary depending on product and season (egg prices rose recently due a bird flu outbreak casing large stock losses) but if you need more retailer info contact the manufacturers.



Note: Some feedback has been edited for layout and grammatical purposes only but not to change the “vibe” of the comments.