Sufferfest review Part 1

For those that are unaware Sufferfest produce videos of with actual footage of past cycling events, stages, track racing combined with music and onscreen instructions.

They can be put on your IPAD or Laptop or even your phone and its as simple as jumping on your wind trainer and doing what it says. 

They even do videos for running on a treadmill. Something to check out next.

With all the talk about FTP I downloaded the Sufferfest Video called "Rubber Glove".

This was 60 minute session with included a 20 minute FTP (Functional Threshold Test) included.

The ordering steps are simple and easy. Secure site and you can pay using your credit card or paypal. Drop in a few details and you get an email with a link to download your video file.

These videos once purchased are yours. You download them and keep them. They even offer the ability that if you lose them you can download them again. 

The video on review is available for $12.99 USD.

Now I understand video files are big in size compared to a music sound file but I understand some people can down load from torrent sites under 10 minutes, I have to say I was slightly disappointed that after clicking on the link the file took over 2 hours to be delivered to my machine. Okay it is a 2GB file but still I was at work and we have a cracking link and I've downloaded the compete Microsoft suite in 10 minutes.

Anyway once downloaded I setup my laptop in-front of my bike and got ready for the hour of pain.

I will admit I'm not much of a Turbo/Wind Trainer guy but this coming winter I will need to love it as "Bored@work" and myself have a grudge match to settle come December. I ride like an 8 yr old kid on the way to school and he rides well. Lucky for me he can't swim or run. Then again neither can I but at least I do it better than him.

These videos are exactly normal. In this video we get to see too much of a female cyclist on rollers cooking an omelet. This was during the warmup. Sure she can ride rollers well but her cooking is shocking. Then again she's pretty skinny so I can only guess she lives by the cycling law of "Eating is Cheating".

Anyway there are some nice warmup songs and intervals and plenty of instructions of whats going to happen and what to do NOW.

Then about 36 minutes of warming up the 20 minutes of pain begins. Some guy puts on a rubber glove (just like in the movies) and the 20 minute interval of pain begins.

Most of the footage for this it seems is from Paris to Roubaix. (According to Sufferfest it is taken from the Flanders Classics races Dwars Door Vlaanderen, the Tour of Flanders and Omloop het Nieuwsblad. Ed) 

The time left to go keeps popping up and the music has a fast beat. 5 minutes in I'm hurting but I know there is a lot more hurting to come.

The vision is really clear and it's making it much easier to keep pushing then doing it solo staring at a wall. In hindsight I think you could get some really good numbers if you did this video with a few friends.


As the video goes on the video keeps telling me to increase my EFFORT and after a mere 10 minutes I am at 8.0 out of 10 as suggested. Before I know it I have 4 minutes to go and I am now struggling but still pushing good numbers. I am being told to DIG DEEPER. Sweat is pouring off me. EFFORT LEVEL is now at 8.5 and I am on the back of a long train of professionals going all out.

We all cross the line. I am struggling to stay on the bike. But it's cooldown time.

The video tells me to try again in 10 weeks. I might do it again in 4.

Overall I thought this video was great. Much better than doing it solo. This type of motivation was great for getting a high number. it was much better than the SPINERVALS of the old days.

I do however miss people also telling me what to do. If you have your head down and not watching the screen you might miss whats happening next.

The music is good and fast paced when needed and slower when in recovery.

Now I was given a CODE to download this test one for free to review but since then I have purchased 2 other videos for my personal use. Value for money I feel is excellent. Sufferfest also offer a bundle of videos for a big discount.

You can buy all 20 sufferfest videos for $199. That's a discount of over $44.

If you are an indoor trainer and don't like staring at the blank wall in your garage, I doubt you'd be disappointed at all with this service.

I'd rate this at about a 7/10

Another good training tool.

Thanks Roxii and Bored@work for giving me the opportunity to review the Sufferfest product.


Ed: Thanks for the review Pete. 


Text by "Pete" 

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