In Australia the off-season is calling. The Port Macquarie Ironman is just around the corner and the athletes can start to think about tapering. The mornings are crisp and the arm warmers are trying to find their pairs.


I am starting to get the emails now from some athletes who with having done Ironman Melbourne and Challenge Batemans Bay, have finished their season….(apart from Club Champs that is)



“What does next season bring coach?”

“What do I do now and what should I focus on?”


First answer is that it isn’t off-season just yet. Its “Transition Season” We now head into a 6-8 week block of transitioning from the end of your racing season into the off-season proper. Right now just chill out. Enjoy the time to train, maybe have a couple of weeks off or easy, have no focus or end point.


Second answer is that when its time for “The Offie” you will know. Training will be focussed on Strength, Speed / Technique and Endurance. We will work on our strength and conditioning more. We will do more drills. We will do more video sessions. Hill reps will be our friend. Long rides and runs will be our pleasure.


Right now the coach will probably bring a few TT’s and test sets along to benchmark against for next season. Maybe a hill TT. A long endurance TT. Maybe some very short TT’s to check speed.


For now, if you have pretty much finished for the season, sit back and enjoy some simplicity in the program and take a day or two off. Be prepared to let go of some fitness. It will only help you build up stronger next year.


Pete Clifford is a coach and coach educator from Sydney's HPT Squad. To read his Coaching Q and A look HERE


This article was originally published on Pete's blog "The Performance Project"