We catch up with Alex Reithmeier

Transitions: Who is Alex Reithmeier?

AR: I’m 32 and from Loftus in Southern Sydney with a wife and two dogs which keeps me busy enough for the moment.

Transitions: How did you get involved in Triathlon?

AR: I started at about 9 years old chasing my brothers down the street, they were 2 and 5 years older than me. As with most older brothers they seemed so much quicker than me, so I wondered if I trained for ten years if I would get as good as them as I really looked up to them. I started with the Kurnell junior Triathlons which used to be run on the Saturday before the current Kurnell Sprint. I started doing those on my BMX at 9 years old and thought it was pretty cool and have been doing it on and off ever since.

Transitions: What about your Dad?

AR: Yeah he has always been doing it, so three brothers and my Dad. Dad had done 20 or 30 Ironman’s, maybe more….. he’s pretty crazy. But he loves it and just does it for fun. Or at least that’s what he says when he has done too many “This one is just for fun”. Next year he wants to go to Kona so I’m going to try and do that as well if I’m good enough.

Transitions: Why did you decide to take the leap and become a “Pro”.

AR: Just to see how far I could get. There was always that dream of being in the same race as a World Champion and not get my arse kicked that would be a good result. Like anything in life if you work with, or race the best it gets the best out of you. It has never been about being World Champion or winning a race but just to see how far I could go and how good I could be.


Transitions: What does the “Pro Life” mean for you at the moment?

AR: Working part time at the moment. It’s a balancing act, everyone has limited time and you just have to maximize the time you have

Transitions: Notable results?

AR: A few podiums last year, 2nd at Busselton 70.3 was kind of my “breakthrough race”, 3rd at Port Macquarie 70.3. Another good result for me was 19th at the 70.3 World Champs in Mont Tremblant. Although 19th may not seem like a great result, it was top 20 (..in what was a damn hot field, Ed) and one of those races where I executed it pretty well, time wise I got the most out of myself and had a pretty good run so I came away from that with a fair bit of confidence.


Transitions: Upcoming races?

AR: First up is Busso 70.3, then I have Japan 70.3 a month later. After that I’ll be heading to Europe so I will probably do Challenge Poznan in Poland (Half Distance) then off to Wiesbaden for the 70.3 European Championships then Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl half distance in Austria. The European races are all two weeks apart so it will be three halves over 4 weeks, I’ll probably be toasted by the end of that and will need a good rest. But for me that is an ideal race schedule, racing every 2nd week. I’d like to try back to back races or maybe even a triple to see how I’d go.
So after Europe I will have a bit of a break then try and back end that with a few more halves and then build up to Busso as a qualifier for Kona next year and try and have a solid race there.

Transitions: Long term goals in Triathlon?

AR: Qualify for Kona, win a couple of races, but mainly to try and be the best I can be and try and execute that perfect race. I’m sure everyone wants to be world Champion and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t imagined that, I’ve certainly watched enough Kona re-runs.


Transitions: Your strength?

AR: It depends on the race really, I’m pretty consistent over all three legs but could do to sharpen them all up. I’m pretty strong at the back end of the run at the moment, so maybe my endurance is my strength.

Transitions: Any spare time for hobbies?

AR: Walking the dogs. I used to play guitar a bit but not much anymore. I enjoy the times when there are no stresses and I can sit in front of the TV or go for dinner or coffee with friends and family.

Transitions: Anything quirky about you?

AR: I have a pretty regimented pre-race routine. Its swim on Friday and bike-run on a Saturday for a Sunday race. Nothing too strenuous but it’s a confidence thing that I like to get locked away.


Transitions: On to the all important sponsors, who is supporting you? 

AR: Scody, Pearl Izumi, Exterra Wetsuits, Rudy Project and Endeavour Cycles.

Check out Alex's website as well HERE

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