Spartan takes the Dare2Tri Kona Suit racing.

Not normally my cup of tea doing things like this but thought I would throw my hand up anyway.

In March Roxii was given a Dare 2 Tri Kona suit for someone to review, I had a sprint an a OD coming up so thought I would give it a whirl.


The Dare2Tri site claims of the Kona suit:

"Each yarn undergoes a unique silicon treatment to repel water and give you additional buoyancy in the water while providing breathability on the bike and run. The suit is embossed with Alpha triangles to give you added acceleration in the water.

The Kona Trisuit offers compression where most needed, built with 35% Elastan this tri suit helps to circulate blood to working muscles.

The Kona Trisuit has a front zipper with full skin protection and end zipper garage. The seamless tri padding ensures comfort in short and long course racing.

Wide-band silicone leg grippers secure the legs in place, making the suit incredibly comfortable to wear.

There is ample space to store personal items or nutrition in the two lower back and leg pockets. The neck line has been designed for comfort and to prevent chafing."

So how did it compare with the claims?

Size wise I'm 180cm & 82ish kg's a Large suit if anything was a tad big on me so the sizing would come across as pretty normal and definitely not a crazy euro cut where average size guys need to order a XXXL just to fit it. Anyone that knows the Dare 2 Tri brand know that they are not trying to play in the “top end of town price bracket” instead finding a balance between quality and price. This suit appears to be a step up in quality for them and at $195 with either a front or rear zip option should definitely spark interest from both the short and long course guys.

This suit isn't kidding itself either, you get what you pay for. It lacks a little class in the finish, the legs are a little short and the chamois isn't a velvet pillow. That said I own a $300+ sleeved tri suit that has a worse chamois than the one found in the Kona suit. I have raced in a sleeved suit for the past 12months and even through the obvious aero benefits from a tight fitting sleeved suit probably out weight this, I can't help but find it bloody hot when you are giving it some stick. Going back to a sleeveless suit, it was a massive difference in comfort and a I will probably lean that way again in the future.

As like every suit on the market these days this one also claims to make you swim/bike/run faster than ever before but you can read all that here https://aus.dare2tri.com/product/kona-tri-suit-front-zip-mens/. Personally I really like the low cut neck line and sleeves which prevented me chaffing in two non-wetsuit swims, it's four pockets (two rear and two leg) which would be ridiculously handy come IM time given the pack lunch most people seem to carry on the bike and run these days and most of all its bloody comfy. Which is about as much as 99% of the field will ever need.

If you're the kind of person that likes Rapha or wears and aero helmet on the way to 6hr+ IM bike split you will probably walk straight past this suit as common sense obviously isn't a strong point but If you are after a comfortable bang for your buck suit that will do everything required and then some, this could be you.

Price: $195.00
Distributor: Dare2Tri

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