APTRDA gets better deal for one day licenses

APTRDA Inc negotiates lower One Day Membership (ODM) fees with Triathlon Australia for the 2015/16 Season

In a landmark meeting on the Gold Coast on Monday 13 April officials and board members from Triathlon Australia (TA) met with key members of the Australian Professional Triathlon Race Directors Association (APTRDA) to discuss a range of issues and policy affecting Race Directors in Australia.

A key outcome of the meeting was agreement on a reduced ODM fee structure for non-Triathlon Australia Members with the aim to attract more people into the Sport.

Agreement was reached on the following ODM fees for the 2015/16 season subject to review in July.

Race Distances:

Kids:         $0
Enticer:     $1.50
Sprint:      $5.00
Standard:  $15.00
Long:        $20.00
Iron:         $25.00

APTRDA will continue to work with TA on areas such as more formal input and feedback on the Triathlon Australia Sanctioning process and requirements, Technical Officials and race rules, as well as issues arising around some State Association run events, new event sanctioning processes and ensuring that all events meet the minimum requirements around safety for our sport’s participants.

APTRDA continues to seek a voice on the board of TA so that views of the major providers of the sport’s events are carried forward.

“As we said back in December with the formation of APTRDA we look forward, as a highly professional group with collectively many many years of experience in presenting events of the highest quality, to working closely with all Race Directors throughout Australia and also the National Governing Body -Triathlon Australia –for better communication and negotiation at all levels for the betterment of the sport” said Ken Baggs, President and Public Officer.