Dare2Tri Tri Shorts

As you may have seen from the other articles we have done on Dare2Tri products they are always trying to live up to their motto of “Great gear at great prices” and so far they have come up trumps on all the tested products. Next cab off the rank is the Dare2Tri Tri short. 

Since the demise of the speedo as an article of race attire the tri short has become the go to in minimalist attire for those that like the freedom and flexibility of a two piece ensemble.

The Dare2Tri Tri short

The Dare2Tri Tri short is a unisex piece that in its all black or black with red accents can be teamed with any style top.

The website describes it thusly:

“The Dare2Tri exclusive quick dry compression fabric provides flexible, body temperature regulating and quick drying performances for all stages of your race. The shorts contain a seamless longer distance comfort tri-padding with anti-bacterial finish. Two side pockets hold gels while allowing water to pass easily through. A drawstring allows for a secure fit and silicon leg grippers ensure the shorts stay exactly where they are supposed to”

I used the Dare2Tri short on a few medium length rides before the cold set in. The chamois was comfortable enough considering it is a tri short and an over padded chamois will lead to discomfort on the run, and it is certainly miles in front of knocking out 80k’s in a fluoro speedo for those that still bear the scars of the “good old days”.

A look inside at the chamois

The cut is a little longer than my usual attire at both ends which meant for me it was more comfortable to roll the top band down once to keep it on my hips, possibly a childhood fear of being called a “Harry High-Pants” as well. The waist band has a flat cord inside as well for those that like the security of tying their pants possibly in anticipation of an unusually rough swim.

Waistband with flat drawstring

The pockets are a great addition, they are spacious and secure. So much so that I was happy to stick my phone (in a high tech zip lock bag) in there whilst running or riding. The top flap covers the pocket to keep what is inside from accidentally ending up outside and also to stop the pockets from becoming drag shorts in a non-wetsuit swim.
The compression fabric is snug without being constrictive, and while the jury may be out on the effectiveness of compression while training, there is very little doubt that most people “feel” better when exercising in compression gear, even if it is just to stop a bit of wobbling from bits that aren’t supposed to.

articleimageThe secure pocket and silicone leg grippers to keep your goodies and the sut in place.

As the weather has cooled down I’ve been doing my runs in these shorts as well. Partly for the aforementioned “wobbly bits” reason but also as they are a bit warmer than run shorts and they also eliminate the possibility of any chaffing if that is a problem you encounter.

As for the whole fashion debate as to whether to wear shorts over tights, we can leave that one for the forum…. again.

At $75 for a pair of shorts that have all the bells and whistles it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Most other brands will offer you a pair of “lycra shorts” for that sort of moolah. Not compression shorts and definitely not compression Tri shorts.

If you are in or around Brisbane, drop in and see the crew at Dare2Tri, Bili is guaranteed to give you a laugh and you can arm-wrestle him for a discount.


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