"Nealo" Dares2Tri to take it to MACH4

Last year "Nealo" tested the Dare2Tri Mach3 wetsuit and found it to be a great wetsuit at a great price. This year he is taking the Mach4 for a splash to see if it can live up to it's predecessor.


articleimageSettle down ladies it's not "Nealo" it's Ben Sansom.

Last year thanks to Roxii and Bill from Dare2Tri I got to try out the Mach 3 wetsuit, this year I got to try the Mach 4!

I’m a bit slimmer this time around and the Large fitted a lot better. I’m not the best person for reviews, I tend to find things work or they don’t.

If I asked myself “What do I want in a wetsuit?”, the answer would simply be to feel like I’m not wearing one and to make me faster through the water (yeah yeah and that not feel the cold thing). Obviously to do these things there will a lot of design, thought and research that have gone in to the product, take Shimano’s Di2 for example. Imagine how many man hours went in to making that product work like it does and be reliable as it is yet to me all I want it to do is change gears smoothly when I press the button, which it does and does well.

So just like Shimano Di2, the Mach 4 does what I want without a lot of fanfare.

The detailed panels of the Mach4

I had 3 swims in the suit and all of them flawless. The first swim was with Flanman the day before Husky Long Course just to make sure it fitted (which t did). The second was during the race on Sunday. I can’t really pinpoint what it is but it just fitted well and without drama. I had a great swim and ended up with my fastest swim ever at Husky. Over the 2km I never felt restricted or claustrophobic and didn’t get any wettie rash anywhere. This time the Mach 4 has the Velcro piece on the end of the zipper lead. So you can stick in place and know where to find it for that easy/quick undo.

articleimageThe neck/ zipper fastening area. 

My 3rd swim ended up being a 1500m time trial in the pool. I was curious to put up against my HUUB. I ended up with two 1500m times that were 2s apart. They both gave me about 10-12s per 100m in the pool but without doubt the Mach 4 was the more comfortable to wear.

The inside of the wetsuit, showing the numerous panels requied to make a flexible suit.

Durability is a big one and the Mach 4 certainly appears that it will hold up well to the rigors of being put on and torn off, something my wetsuit isn’t capable of! The website states that it is made with “QfoamS 40 cell Neoprene Foam which enhances buoyancy and allows great flexibility”, but rather than having a "from the future" appearance it seems to have that old school built to last look about it.

I’d love to give you a negative but I can’t think of one!

RRP:$529.00 (including case) 

Contact: https://aus.dare2tri.com/

Dare2Tri believe "It's about getting more people into this fantastic sport that we call triathlon. It's about having the right gear but not having to break the bank. But most of all, it's about having fun. Because life is short. And sometimes we take it far too seriously."

And if you ever ge the chance to talk to Bill and Lou as they do the Expo rounds, do so it is both informtive and entertaining. 


Images: Dare2Tri and Transitions

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