Shimano shifts to a new home.

Shimano Cycling has moved to a brand new custom built home which it shares with Shimano Fishing to streamline and optimise its services to their respective industries.

Last week we were given the opportunity to take a tour around Shimano's new purpose built facility in Sydney's Sutherland Shire. 

With the smell of paint still hanging fresh in the air and all the signs of a newly-wed couple moving into their first home together we were taken on a tour of the new home of the partnership that is “Shimano Australia”.

The two Shimano entities have been living in separate homes but an edict came down from the parent company to get together and create efficiencies that will continue to keep Shimano Australia keen and competitive.

On hand for the grand opening and ceremonial ribbon cutting were special guests from Shimano Head office in Japan Masaki Miyake (Director of Shimano Australia Cycling PL), Akira Koshimizu (Director of Shimano Australia Fishing PL) and Takahiro Shinohara (overseas sales manager)

The Australian representatives were Lindsay Secombe (Managing Director of Shimano Oceania Holdings), Matt Bazzano (MD of Shimano Australia Cycling) and Colin Tannahill (MD of Shimano Australia Fishing).

Whilst Shimano may have taken the opportunity to amalgamate to save on some costs they have also invested heavily in automating the enormous 6000+ square metre warehouse in order to better track its incoming and outgoing stock and to ensure orders are packed and dispatched quickly and correctly to the stores that connect Shimano Australia with it's customers. 

So while we all know the internet isn’t going away, and people can and will choose to spend their hard earned money any way they like in the spirit of Monty Pythons Life of Brian “Romans sketch” when you choose how and where you spend your dollars maybe ask, What have Shimano ever done for us?

Well apart from providing local jobs, dealer support and technical training, athlete sponsorships, race sponsorship and numerous event tech support and servicing what have Shimano ever done for us?

articleimageThe outside of the new Shimano HQ.

articleimageInside is an Alladin's cave of cycling and fishing goodies.

articleimageAnother view showing the extent of the stock holding at Shimano.

articleimageMore shoes than Imelda Marcos' wardrobe.

articleimageThe automated stock picking and replenishing system.

articleimageThe automatic box taping and strapping machine was a real crowd favourite.

articleimageThey have a few fishing rods too if that is your thing. Fishing makes up about 60% of Shimano Australia's business.

articleimageThe new workplace for the tech support and call centre crew.

articleimageThe new showroom which showcases Shimano's latest and greatest products.

articleimageMatt Bazzano, MD of Shimano Australia Cycling before officially declaring the new office "open". 


The next link in the chain is obviously the retailers, whether they be a brick and mortar store or an Aussie online store or a combination of both, and that will be the next step in our journey.


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