Winter Warmers from Fusion.

Well there is no doubt that winter is well and truly here and any thought of just getting by with your summer gear plus a few add-ons goes flying out the window.

The old cycling adage is that there is “no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choice”. Never is that more true than in an Aussie winter. I’m from Irish stock and by rights shouldn’t mind the cold, however I feel like the least cold tolerant person I know. It’s not enough for me to simply abhor the cold but I’m also really fussy with how I keep myself warm. We have known for years that layering is the way to go when it comes to keeping warm but I like complete layers, no gaps, no openings, and no temperature differences. If I’m wearing two or three layers I want all of my upper body wearing the whole two or three layers. Did I mention I don’t like the cold!!!

Fusion Hot Wings

Most arm warmers, or at least all of the many pairs I own, are a straight tube of a tech material. You put them on, pull them up, ensure they overlap your sleeve so as not to allow any cold in and off you go. Seems simple enough. However, seemingly as soon as you assume a cycling position, the human arm no longer resembles the straight tube of fabric that is the arm warmer and you are left with a cold spot where the twain no longer meet.

Fusion’s “Hot Wings” do what seems like something so logical I can’t believe they all don’t do it. They make the arm warmer resemble the shape of a cyclist arm in the riding position. Sure it probably takes a little more work to make them, and a few seconds more to put them on correctly but it’s worth the effort.

Fusions “Hot Wings” are made from an Italian compression fabric that is soft and light and they are able to be stashed away in a pocket if it warms up enough for you.

They are a simple item, these are simply done better.

RRP $47.00

Fusion Neck Gaiter


The neck gaiter is an oft neglected piece of kit, but once fund it is rarely discarded. Unlike the Hot Wings the beauty of the Neck Gaiter is in its pure simplicity. A simple tube of Italian Thermal Fleece fabric with flatlock stitching that seemingly has more uses than a paperclip in the hands of MacGyver. If you look up “uses of a neck gaiter on YouTube you will see the myriad of possibilities of how to wear the simple gaiter from a headband to a balaclava. I tend to ensure one end is well buried under the neck of my jersey and then pull the upper extremity up to my chin or on the very cold mornings, right up over my nose to top me inhaling to much cold air.

Simple and simply effective.

RRP $30.00

Fusion Hot Long Sleeve Jersey.


Your top layer is undoubtedly your most important. It needs to keep out the cold, fit well and keep you looking good. The Fusion Hot L/S Jersey is of the usual quality we have come to expect from Fusion. The fabric as described by Fusion is “a unique 2-phased technical fabric with micro fleece inner, to keep you warm in colder conditions”, what that means for us is that if fits and feels like a slightly heavier version of a summer jersey, but with the fleece interior feels much warmer than it’s weight would suggest. As with most “simple” garments it’s the little things that make a big difference.

The jerseys arms are cut a little longer to allow them to meet your gloves without any nasty cold air getting access. The tail is also cut longer to prevent anything riding up. The jersey has three generous but snug pockets to allow maximum stowage with minimum fuss. The neck sits up high enough to be effective without being annoying under the chin.

For a Sydney winter I have been using it with a base layer a lightweight l/s jersey and then the Fusion as a top layer, but then I’m terribly afraid of the cold. It has become my go-to jersey. Days where I have been lucky enough for a post sunrise ride it has been adequate with just a base layer underneath and I would suggest that if you were north of the border the Fusion and a base layer would probably get you through most of your cold days. If however you were in the ACT , country Victoria or other really cold places then this setup may suffice as your early spring late autumn choice but you may need the benefit of Fusions Scandinavian technology found in the S300 Jacket for your mid-winter sojourns.

If there were to be one criticism of the jersey it may be that some may not like the fact that it is black. I personally feel that a kick arse tail light trumps your clothing colour any day, and with it being said that black is supposedly slimming, I can’t see myself changing from it any time soon.

Well made, well-fitting and quality that should last a few seasons.

RRP $139.00

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