Water, water, everywhere.

These days there is a hydration solution for pretty much every person and every bike and Speedfil seem to have most of the bases covered. Whether you are the type who wants a quick convenient splash and dash on the go or are doing long course racing and intent on carrying all your own nutritional needs there is a Speedfil system or systems that can accommodate your needs.

Hydration systems can be lumped into three categories; frame mounted, bar mounted and seat mounted. So while we are in the depths of winter and staying hydrated is probably not high on the list of priorities it is a good time to get your rig sorted out for the new season coming soon.

Frame mounted systems:

The advantages of the Speedfil frame mounted systems are that you are able to drink without letting go of the bars or having to take your eyes off the road. It is also often said that having a straw in front of you is a not so subtle remnder for you to stay hydrated. Now these systems should be pretty simple however frame designers in their infinite wisdom sometimes determine that the correct number of drink bottle bosses is usually less than we deem optimal so read up and see if any of these systems suit your needs. 

Speedfil Standard

The “standard” Speedfil system is the one you have probably seen the most. It is a large capacity 1.2 litre bottle that stays fitted to the bike for the duration of your event. It is refillable on the go and is also splash proof thanks to its clever lid design. Ideally the Speedfil standard is best mounted using your bikes down tube bottle mounts, if however your bike doesn’t have bottle mounts on the downtube the Speedfil can be mounted using the special removable “cable ties” and an optional mounting bracket secures the system to the seat tube bottle mounts. While the cable tie and bracket method is a little less than perfect it is an acceptable solution for those (like me and my Giant) without alternative options.
I have seen these bottles mounted on the seat tube with the hose routed under the top tube to the bars, and while this may work it does make refilling a bit painful if you are riding longer and need to refill.
The Speedfil standard also has an optional “Speedsok” an insulating cover to keep your fluids cooler longer.

articleimageFor those lucky enough to have bottle bosses on the downtube the Speedfil standard just bolts on.

articleimageWithout bottle bosses the included "cable ties" can be used, but it requires an additional optional bracket (not shown)  

articleimageThe optinal Speedsok keeps things cool for longer

Speedfil F2

For those that want the advantage of drinking on the fly hands fee with the convenience of using a standard bidon cage, or the possibility of using the system easily and conveniently on more than one bike Speedfil have the F2 system.
The F2’s bottom half looks like a standard bottle, the top half however is Speedfil’s unique splash proof one way refill valve and the access for the drinking hose. The Speedfil section is “specialized” bottle compatible so the bottom part of the bottle can be swapped out to any compatible bottle which also means you can change the carrying capacity and customise it to suit different frame sizes including mountain bikes however the F2 suffers the same issues as the Speedfil standard bottle when it comes to mounting on frames with no downtube bottle bosses.

articleimageThe F2 Bottle showing the splash proof refilling mouth

At the business end both systems hoses come with neoprene sleeves to keep the contents cool. These sleeves also have a wire running internally to allow the hose to be trained into the right position. The bite valves can be “locked” shut and then when pulled open operates as a standard bite valve allowing a good flow of liquid.

articleimageThe neoprene sleeve has wire internally to allow the hose to be trained into position. 

So while frame mounted systems may not be everyones cup of tea, for those whose options are limited or have specific requirements the Speedfil frame mount systems provide an effective solution. 

The Speedfil standard weighs in at about 400grams and has an RRP of $159.95. The optional seat tube adaptor kit is $159.95 and the Speedsok is $34.95.

The Speedfil F2 weighs in at 263 grams and has an RRP of $99.95.

Distributor: FE Sports