Keep your Mind on the Job

With the depths of winter now upon us we are in what we loosely term a "base phase" of training. One of the things that a base phase brings about however is boredom.


We don't have any triathlons on the horizon and we don't have that sense of urgency that a season brings.

Once a race gets about 12 weeks away however, we tend to settle into panic mode. We realise all of a sudden that we can't put things off anymore, and we need to get going now if the race is going to be successful.

I want you to be better than that. I want you to think about how you can keep your mind on the job better. Here are my 4 best ways that I find work well in the squad.


1.Think 1 Block Ahead

Coaches always think one block ahead of the athlete. While the season is finishing we are thinking of the base. In the base period we are thinking of then specific prep period. In the specific base period we are thinking of the race season. I want athletes to do this as well so you can prepare better. Keep your eyes on the next job.

2. Have the Right Conversations

I like conversations to look ahead so it reminds us to keep our minds on the job. I like to talk about what's coming up so we don't avoid it. I set race schedules and keep them in front of people's faces. In the HPT weekly newsletter we see it in front of our eyes. You might want to put your race schedule up on your fridge door (next to all the bills).

3. Create Personal Accountability

My favourite way of establishing accountability is TT's. Yes, I know everyone hates them and I have seen some pretty good reasons why a TT isn't a great idea. But going hard is what athletes do. If you don't practice it in training you won't be able to do it come race day.

4. Reflect

Reflection is the best tool you can have as an athlete. Every week have a look back at what you did, then set a plan to do better for the upcoming week. If you reflect honestly it will help you improve. Doing this one thing will absolutely ensure you keep you mind on the job.

And remember. Process over outcome ! It wins every single time.

Peter Clifford
High Performance Tri

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