Introducing our new columnist.

We are introducing Anthony "Ruley" Rule to the Transitions stable to share his wisdom as a Triathlete and Physiotherapist to help you get in optimum shape.

So who is Ruley?

Well we asked him.

Anthony "Ruley" Rule

Is a 31 year old triathlon desperado living it up on the Sunshine Coast, originally from Melbourne with a detour along the way via Shepparton.

At times I've been on a varied journey from age group newbie, through pro license holder and back to being just a groupie, with a few overall race wins, state titles, a national duathlon runner up , top 5's at half ironmans and a top 10 ironman performance as well as a personal worst of 13:26 in the hawaiian ironman.


I have also been lucky enough while doing all this to do a few cool things on the side such as crash bbq's at Macca's, have dinner with PJ in Hawaii celebrating his big win, train with a few Olympians and World Champs, dance with Paula Newby-Fraser, and other things not for public record.

Along with all this I managed to squeeze in a Physiotherapy degree at the University of Melbourne which has since served me quite nicely and given me something to do between training sessions and working on my tan.

Using a few of these things I've learnt along the way I'm going to be putting together a fortnightly article with a program on strength and conditioning for swimming and triathlon.

A program that will build towards having you in strong and powerful condition with good stability. It won't be anything too complex, but will instead be something you can turn your brain off with, follow the instructions, do the 30-40minute workout 2-3 times a week and make some really solid gains and set up the foundations for a top season.

Anthony is a practicing Physiotherapist at Physiocare Maroochydore