Nath shares his training journey to Kona.  

With 11 weeks to go its time for Nath to start ramping it up. Here is where he is up to and where his next week is taking him.

Hi all, 

So I’m getting into the pointy end of the year where I have been thinking about Kona nearly every day and training has ramped up as I get to the ironman training block!

Normally I will review the last week, but I thought that I would give a quick rundown of the last 2 weeks because the week before last was a solid build week also.

So a summary of the past 2 weeks of training;

13 weeks to go (13-19 July)
• Duration – 13:33hrs
• TSS – 939.6
• Swim – 12,100m
• Bike – 4:49hrs
• Run – 63km

12 weeks to go (20 – 26 July)
• Duration – 16:18
• TSS – 1032.1
• Swim 10,800m
• Bike – 7:50hrs (175kmon road + some trainer)


All in all the past 2 weeks have gone quiet well, no real issues in terms of training, equipment or body. Often the biggest challenge is maintaining a healthy body with no injury issues, wear and tear, and so far I’m in good shape.

I put this down to a consistent approach and careful tempering of when I go deep into zone 5. I’ve trained pretty consistent for the past couple of years and always taken a few weeks off at some stage to give it a rest.

I raced the 6 foot track ultra marathon in late March and then had a small operation a couple of days afterwards, then after that I took 5 weeks off and let my body rest and prepare. From what I’ve seen of people who come and go, the ones who switch off for a small break every year seem to be around more often in the long term.

This past weeks focus was to go a little easy on the run and get some good swims & bikes done because I was to run in a 10km race as the 4 min/km pacer on a pretty tough course. So I wanted to keep the run legs in good enough shape so I didn’t let the organizers down.

My fatigue was OK until Thursday afternoon when I did an easy aerobic run and I felt the core/leg strength session that I had done the night before. I had to miss my Friday run due to family commitments so Thursday and Friday were single session days which helped me going into the big workouts on the weekend.

Saturday was a good day which I got a quality swim session done, and a 18km aerobic run at goal IM pace done. Saturdays are a busy day as I swim at 6:15am then take the kids to netball until lunchtime and when we get home I head out for my long run in the early afternoon. So Saturday nights are now pretty quiet and boring as I’m usually looking to hit bed around 8:30pm, which was the case this week because of the big day I had planned on Sunday.
Sunday involved an early morning 70km ride at easy aerobic effort before my 10km run then a quick shower & change to go and run as the 4 min/km pacer for the 10km event.

The 10km run was actually 10.3km and they still wanted me to hit 40 mins so the pace was cut to 3:53min/km, which on a hilly course was a challenge and I ended up running most of the run on my own. But it was a really good little hit out and I really enjoyed it. I am really happy where my threshold pace and power is and now I need to work on stretching it out with some good endurance.

After the run I had to high tail it back into town to be at a netball gala day for the kids until 3:30pm. So by the time we got home and domestic duties sorted I was knackered and into bed around 8:30pm!

Next week I must hit my long bike ride and start the work on my endurance, so I will be loading up the bike sessions with a touch more distance and longer intervals. I haven’t been able to get many long rides done over the past month so this is something which I now need to make sure I complete. My FTP is progressing along OK, but I really need to make sure that I get the endurance rides done and complete a few good 300TSS rides into my legs. Then is 2 weeks I will test my FTP again to update my power zones.

My plan for the upcoming week is;



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