Weekly update; 10 weeks to go

Week in review

Well this week was a challenge.

My wife has been battling a back issue, with a herniated disc in the lumbar region which has not recovered and has now developed into a real issue. She has had to take the past two weeks off work to rest and recover, but this week it has progressed to be much worse and more painful.

For the past week she hasn’t been able to drive or do much around the house at all due to the pain and medication, so I’ve had to take care of pretty much everything around home, plus working and trying to continue some training. Typically I have been able to train early in the morning when the kids sleep, then I get the lunches sorted, head to work, come home and cook dinner and whatever else needs to be done at home.

So with this workload and the stress of her back problem, things have been pretty challenging and stressful!
We had an appointment on Friday morning with the back specialist to see what needs to be done to relieve the issue so she can get back to a functioning life. But on Wednesday afternoon we had to rush to the emergency as she could no longer lie down, get up, sit or anything, she was stuck in excruciating pain.

A round of painkillers and an injection helped relieve the pain and on Thursday she had a steroid injection to see if that will help. Then on Friday the appointment with the specialist determined that she will need surgery to remove the herniated section to take the pressure of the nerve. The surgery will be next Monday and hopefully relieve things and with some rehab she should be able to get back to some normality.

So with all of this going on my training has been difficult, but I did manage to get a reasonable amount done. I missed my Thursday ride as I had the day off work and went to the radiography for the injection, then worked from home and caught up on some shopping our taxation and snuck a 3km swim in the afternoon before the kids got home from school.

I also missed my long run on Saturday as my normal routine is early swim, then kids to netball, lunch and then long run in the afternoon warmth. However some friends from Sydney came up to see how my wife is and catch up after lunch so I had to wipe the run off and spend time at home.

I was aiming for a quality long ride this week and I did get one done on Sunday morning with a nice 5hr ride made up of 2-3hrs of rolling hills then 2hrs of maintaining around my IM power. I hit this session really well as it’s the first long ride over 3hrs for a long time and I was pleased with how I felt. I averaged 185w normalised which is only 15w away from my IM power so things are tracking OK and I just need to get a number of these rides in the bank from now on.
Another pleasing aspect was that I did 4 swim sessions for a total of 13.1km for the week! This is unheard of for me; normally I average 2-3 swims per week and total 9-10km so these numbers are great. I have scheduled a couple of swims in the morning before work to make sure I get a quality session done and this has worked really well.

So all in all a good week of training considering what I am juggling at the moment, but I still need to get through the next week of much the same.

Weekly summary;


Upcoming week

This week will be another week of juggling things and handling a lot of stress so I will be just doing the best I can to get some quality sessions done. Since I missed my long run on Saturday and only did a swim, I have decided to turn my normal 7 day cycle into a 10 day cycle of training and do a double run day on Monday rather than have a rest day. I will then see how the fatigue levels are going and possible just have my Tuesday ride and Wednesday run as aerobic recovery type sessions.

I think that I mentioned at the outset of this series that I don’t do a traditional build rest cycle as life dictates my training cycles and this is an example. Towards the end of my last IM preparation I didn’t even write a weekly plan as I just worked the week out around the bones of my schedule and determined my detail of the sessions based on stress, fatigue, time constraints etc. However I will continue to plan the weeks for this preparation and just roll with it as best I can.

Generally though, this week will be aiming to get 60-70km of running done and getting that key 5hr ride executed well on Sunday. Outside that I will just do my best to do what I can and maintain things and help my wife to rest and prepare for the operation.

Weekly plan;



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