Lights, Camera…….Garmin???

The Morsa mounting system.

Triathletes love a gadget, they love data, and they love gadgets that give them data. They also generally live busy lives and often have to practice some of the component parts of the sport in the wee small hours. Thus far technology has aide us greatly giving us a plethora of data gathering devices and compact blinding lights so we can head out before “sparrows fart” and be home before the family wakes downloading our latest efforts over a morning coffee, that is of course if you can manage to fit the “required” elements on your bars.

Enter the Morsa mounting system. This neat little device, made in the USA and brought into Australia by “Full Beam Australia” is essentially a bar mountable rail that can then be fitted with up to two mounts of your choice to enable you to carry a Garmin on top and a light below or a camera, or an iphone or a multitude of other things.


The Morsa is a lot lighter than it looks, made from a carbon nylon composite it weighs in at just 51 grams with two mounts included, so there is not much weight penalty. It mounts to the bike using a hinged mounting system that mounts around any 31.8mm bar. While it is designed primarily for road bikes I thought I would see how it worked on a TT rig.


Fitting it is a one minute job, providing your bike accepts it. Some TT bikes with integrated bars may not have a place where the bar is a standard shape. If however you do have a base bar with a round section near the stem then 11mm of clearance between the stem and aero extensions is all that is required to squeeze the 10mm mounting bracket in. Of course if you are mounting it to a road bike then it is a simple task.


Once mounted and the accessories are fitted the Morsa is rock solid. The mounting rail is rebated and the individual mounts are shaped so once fitted into the rebate they won’t spin or drop regardless of the weight of the attachment. The design of the system also allows for the mounts to be moved individually along the length of the rail to further customise the positioning of your gadgets.

Not that I take my TT bike over any rough terrain, but in normal riding with the odd bump and hump, the mount stayed put. I had mine set up running a Garmin Edge 500 and a Cygolite Expilion 800 (as pictured above) which is fine for my usual pre-dawn riding. And no we won’t go in to a light debate here, but I’m sure the guys at Full Beam Australia could probably offer some suggestion.

The hardware too is quality and the unit is robust enough to withstand a bit of an attempt to overtighten the screws so it should be a foolproof install for almost anyone.


The mounts available are a Garmin ¼ turn mount, a camera adaptor mount, a universal 31.8mm adaptor and an iphone/ galaxy case mount adaptor.

At $59.00 for the garmin/ universal mount combo it is a pretty well priced solution to one of life’s first world problems.

Easy install

May no fit all bikes/ bars
Won’t work with between the arms hydration systems.

Distributor: Full Beam Australia

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