Water, water everywhere Part II

Previously we had a look at Speedfil's frame mounted hydration options, now we cast an eye over their front and rear mount options.

Depending on what article you read from which site and on what day there is varying evidence for the best placement of hydration on different bike setups. If my review of Alex’s Aerocoach system showed me anything it is that what is perceived as the “conventional wisdom” is not always factually correct. 

In the end though, the most important thing is having hydration safely and conveniently available to suit your needs.

Stem Mount Kit

Up front there is the top cap mount, the Speedfil “Stem mount kit”.

articleimageThe stem mount with spacers (optional Z4 cage) 

The stem mount "slammed" (with optional Z4 cage) 

This simple adaptor allows you to mount any standard bottle cage (cage not included) over the stem of any 1 and 1/8 steer for ease of access. The angle of the mount, the numbers of holes and the spacers make it possible to accommodate a multitude of positions. The bracket itself weighs in at just 44 grams with all he included hardware. It takes just a few minutes to install and is a super sturdy option for those that don’t want their bottles too far away.

RRP: $34.95

Aero Bundle

The “Aero Bundle” is the complete front end solution. It gives easy access to your fluids and also addresses the problem of mounting your Garmin when your bottle is using that real estate.

articleimageThe Aero Bundle with Z4 Bracket and A2 Bottle

The Aero Bundle comes with a Speedfil Z4 bracket (cage) and the A2 bottle system. This complete system weighs in at 308 grams all inclusive.

The Z4 Cage is mounted to the bars simply by use of some trusty cable ties or can be mounted on the stem mount kit. Then using the standard Garmin quarter turn mount which presses into the body of the Z4 cage the Garmin unit can be mounted as per normal on top of the cage assembly.

The A2 bottle is an adaptor that fits any “Specialized” type bottle and turns the bottle into a hydration solution. The straw gives access to the fluid of choice at any time and for those not wanting a constant distraction or are worried about the aero penalty the straw can be tucked away under the special clip that is fixed to the Velcro strap that makes sure everything stays in place. The straw comes with a neoprene sleeve and lockable bite valve and the cap has an opening lid that enables on the fly refilling. All in all it’s a pretty neat solution to front end hydration.

RRP: $144.95

Sprint Kit

The Speedfil Sprint kit is a mount kit that allows for the mounting of one bottle up front and one at the rear. The kit contains a Z4 cage which includes the Garmin mount as mentioned above. It also includes the R3 single cage rear mount.

articleimageThe Sprint Kit's R3 Single mount, the Sprint kit also includes the Z4 Bracket (pctured above) 

The R3 single mount includes a single cage that is the same as the Z4 cage but without the Garmin mount. The R3 system mounts to most saddle rails and with its double pivot style mounting system allows for custom placement of your bottle.

The Z4 cage alone weighs in at 71 grams and the R3 mount with cage comes in at 160 grams. This is a good solution for those that want access to more than one bottle, and the Z4 cage can alo be used in conjunction with the A2 Bottle.

RRP: $110.95

R3 Rear mount

The R3 is the “bells and whistles” behind he seat mount. The 184 gram unit mounts on the seat rails similar to the R3 single and when at full capacity the R3 can handle two cages, a co2 inflator and 2 cartridges and a spare tubular all in a neat package. The two cages (not supplied) can mount on the side of the unit. The two supplied Velcro straps mount to the back of the unit and to hold a neatly folded spare tubular in place.

articleimageThe R3 Mount with cages and "single" removed showing the CO2 storage

articleimageThe R3 mount from above fully loaded with bottles, single and co2's.

The neat part of the system is the way it houses the co2 cylinders and accessories inside the unit. Inside the hollow body of the unit is a flange, either side of this that cleverly uses the threading of the co2 cylinder and the provided caps to hold the cylinders securely in place. As with the R3 single the double pivot allows for the unit to be mounted high or low depending on your personal preference.

RRP: $139.95

Over the course of a few weeks I bolted and strapped on all of the units and took them for spin with no real issues, nothing dropping off or coming loose. While the truth of the matter is that ideally we could all get away with one bottle and utilise on course nutrition for longer races the truth is that many of us don’t or can’t run a minimalist approach. With that in mind the suite of hydration options from Speedfil gives you the opportunity to customise your race day rig to suit your needs.

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