9 weeks to go for Nath.

A few warmer days may make Kona feel closer, but "life" is still giving Nath plenty of hurdles on his way to "The Big Island"

Week in review:

Last week was a pretty good considering I’m still juggling everything.

I am able to execute my early morning sessions quite well so I make them the focus of the day, and if I manage to get a second session in that is a bonus, which I was only able to do on Tuesday & Thursday.
I have a new wheel sponsor!!
There will be quite a few people who know of Peter Coombes from Melbourne. Peter has started a great little business manufacturing race wheels at great value and supporting age group athletes. The wheels are manufactured with quality materials and can be provided with all sorts of colour and decal options so that you can personalize them to suit your bike, race kit, team etc.

We are still finalizing things for my race wheels and profile, so I will provide more details in upcoming weeks but it is really great to be provided this opportunity to promote a small business who supports the age group athletes!

Check out the website here; wheelscience.com


This week I focused on a good solid run week, trying to get a good amount of k’s in the legs finishing with a key strength run session on the weekend and I hit it exactly as I wanted to. I want to be nice and strong heading into Kona so that I have the strength in my body to execute the run and hold form.

I completed my long run Saturday afternoon and I like the Peter Reid approach where I head out straight after lunch, in which I had a sandwich and sustagen drink so my body gets used to starting out and running with a full stomach. That way I can load up on calories as I finish the bike in preparation for the run and my body is used to it. I read Peter Reid’s theory on this a few years ago and I find it to be a smart approach, it also helps recovery from the run as you don’t deplete your body too much. It worked for a Kona champ and it seems to work OK for me!

I see the IM run as coming down to how strong you are and how well your body can absorb calories to keep going not how fast you can run, so I try and prepare myself for that eventuality.

Here’s the link to my long run which is my old faithful IM loop, that I punch out about 5 times in my IM preparation. Plenty of hills and a great mix of roads, paths, trail running, beach views etc.

I still have to do most of the work around the house including school lunches, cooking and kids sport so that ruled out pretty much all of my afternoon training.

I was only able to get 1 swim session done this week due to restricted time. This is mainly because I placed a priority on my run sessions in the morning and I could only get one afternoon swim done on Tuesday afternoon. I planned to go again on Wednesday afternoon, but my daughter broke her tablet for school and I had flag training and sort that mess out!

My long ride this week was executed on the trainer as my wife wasn’t keen for me to head out for a 5hr ride, so a few hours on the trainer was the best I could do.

Weekly summary;

Overall I’m happy with still hitting 15hrs of training and progressing my CTL another 5 points, which at this rate I should hit my target of 135 – 140 by the last week leading into the event. If I can manage to hit that number I will be fitter than I was leading into IM Malaysia and probably the fittest I’ve ever been.

Also, my body is changing shape now and I can notice I have lost some body fat which is good as I would like to drop another 3-4kg prior to the race and race around 67-68kg. I won’t place too much focus on that though; I’ll just keep eating healthy and let it happen naturally.

Upcoming week

My wife has an operation planned for Monday evening and I’m taking Tuesday & Wednesday off work, so I am planning to sneak a couple of good sessions in for those days between visits while she recovers. But will just have to see how things pan out.

I will keep the running pretty steady this week, and drop the long run back a touch in distance and difficulty so I don’t place too much fatigue on my body, which will allow me to focus on the swimming and cycling. I want to try and complete my long ride on the Saturday next week so that I am fresh enough and hit it properly, then do my long run on Sunday morning with the ride fatigue in the legs.

I’m getting close to that IM haze period now, waking up every morning tired, hungry and in a daze. But at least the weather is starting to turn now and it is getting a touch warmer and more enjoyable.

There are also more tweets, facebook posts and stories online about this year’s Kona and that is really getting me excited! I just need to get through this next tough week or two and hopefully home life will become less stressful, then I will be on the downhill run!

I received my Team Australia kit last week, which helped to inject some enthusiasm. My first Aussie kit and I can’t wait to get over there and partake in the Team Australia activities!



And finally here’s the plan for the upcoming week, not sure how true I will stay to this plan as there will potentially be a lot of juggling things this week but this is what I am aiming to achieve;



On behalf of all the Transitions "family" I would liek to wish Nath and his wife all the best for this week. Ed. 

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