Astute Saddles now in Australia

Astute Partners with FE Sports for Australian Distribution

The history of Craftsmanship under the Rules of Technology

(Padua, Italy – August 1, 2015) – ASTUTE is the result of an Italian dream. The co-operation between a group of enthusiastic businessmen and the best Venetian Craftsmen who for decades specialised in creating “Made in Italy” saddles and as a result: a Revolutionary product was born.


ASTUTE is 100% Italian, 100% hand-made, 100% innovative and always new, thanks to continuous research, the use of the most advanced technology and the scouting of the most updated aesthetic trends. The superiority of ASTUTE saddles is due to the revolutionary SHAPE and PADDING. The particular shape of ASTUTE saddle is realised as a result of the
ultralight double base with a OPEN-U shape that allows three times more padding capacity compared to what the rest of the market actually offers. This helps to keep the same dimensions of a traditional saddle while offering a greater comfort. The new OPEN-U shape of the saddle allows to lower the centre pressure point while improving aerodynamics,
performance and ergonomics.


“When you conceive something unique, you search for someone likewise to entrust it to and we are proud that ASTUTE will distributed and managed in Australia and New Zealand by a company such as FE SPORTS,” said Andrea Rizzato, Vice President of ASTUTE. “They have great experience and passion for cycling and are continuously committed to promoting high quality brands with technical and emotional contents.” We are proud to have FE Sports as part of our extended family.

“ASTUTE are artisans that are steeped in Italian cycling heritage, whilst having a modern outlook on superior performance, quality and comfort. These attributes match perfectly with our passion for quality, performance and desire,” said Dave Mohr, Vice President of FE Sports. “The ‘Made in Italy’ philosophy of modern materials and design, combined with Italian flair is best in class, all of which FE Sports are excited to be a part of.”


ASTUTE saddles will be available in Australia and New Zealand from August 2015.

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To request additional information on Astute Saddles, please contact FE Sports on 1300 790 212 or by email info@FEsports.com.au

About Astute
Located in Padua, Italy, The name and the logo ASTUTE are the symbols of such innovation
and research of best solutions, because perfect elegance is our mission: we, ASTUTE,
create value for our customers melting their needs and passion for cycling with our ideas,
intuition and love, in order to create perfect and incomparable saddles.

About FE Sports
Located in Brisbane, Australia. FE Sports is a family-owned Australian Distribution company
specialising in bringing high-end cycling and multi-sport brands to athletes all over Australia
and New Zealand. For more information please contact FE Sports at 1300 790 212
info@FEsports.com.au  www.FEsports.com.au.