Nath has just 7 weeks to go for Kona.

After 12 months of waiting since qualifying and 24years of dreaming about it, it’s getting close now….the kids are now counting it down writing a countdown on the kitchen splashback!


A good solid week of preparations, I’m getting a nice roll on now. I dialled back the intensity for my running to allow me to execute the other planned sessions for the week, rather than being too fatigued and sore as I was last week.
My mind and body are in a good place at the moment, I’m not too mentally drained at the moment and no issues with my body in terms of soreness or potential injuries. I am very mindful on my training now and careful not to push the pace too high to strain things too much. An issue that I normally have during IM builds, is that I get mentally fatigued and totally over the training and fatigue of it all. But so far so good at the moment, I’m rolling along nicely and the stress from home has diminished quite a deal so all good mentally and physically.

I have to be careful over the next 2-3 weeks that I don’t end up in that hole and if I structure things correctly I will get to the last couple of weeks when I’m nearly there when that the mental fatigue sets in. But by then I will be starting to taper and getting ready to go so that will keep me up.

The week started off with a nice, and much needed, rest day on Monday. My body needed it and responded quite well and I was ready to roll again on Tuesday morning. But the week ended with a rainy miserable day where I had to complete my long ride on the trainer and after 3.5hrs of it I was done. I was hoping to watch IM Japan on livestream to help pass the time, but the coverage was terrible with no cameras on course and very little in the way of updates.


My local pool is now open for Summer and still very quiet!


I live within 500m from Lambton swimming centre which is a very good pool and facilities, but they close over winter which means that I have to swim mostly at an indoor pool at the university or travel across town to Charlestown pool. The uni pool is always full and has loads of students who a terrible swimmers sharing 2 lanes at most, so it is a nightmare.

But my local is now open and I have almost had the whole pool to myself this week!

I hit two good midweek rides of 63 & 72km with a lot of work just above IM pacing and I ran every day from Tuesday through to Saturday for a 74km run week. But my long ride on Sunday was a little disappointing due to the rain that has hit NSW, however a good 3.5hrs on the trainer is not too bad and did leave me feeling tired.

Running went really well too, as I ran every day from Tuesday through to Saturday with a lot of tempo work and pacing just below race pace. I am trying to develop a run group in my local area and we are starting to get some traction with 7 turning up on Friday made up 5 guys and 2 girls which is great as we can all help to keep each other motivated.

I nailed a tough run on Saturday which indicates that I’m on track I think, I now need to make sure that I am strong enough to hold form for the 42km in Kona, so I will continue to work on this over the next 5 weeks.


Only a couple of negatives this week;
1. Long ride done on trainer and cut a little shorter than planned in terms of time due to the rain.

2. Friday swim was cut 1000m short due to taking the family out to dinner with the Team Prawn crew. One of our members is riding in the cancer council ride from Gold Coast to Newcastle starting next weekend so we had a fund raising night at one our sponsors, the Premier Hotel. Great night and we raised $1100!

Not really a negative in the true sense but it is costing me a fortune to fuel the training!!

I went out to catch up with some mates on Saturday night and while at the pub they were drinking beers I was on the squash’s. I didn’t know what the plan was for dinner  so I ordered a meal at 6pm, beef kebabs with veges as I needed some protein. After inhaling that they decided to go to a Thai restaurant for dinner, where I then had a second dinner of pad thai, blue swimmer crab, pork belly, rice, dumplings etc!

Then on way home I had a caramel magnum and still woke up hungry the next morning, you gotta love IM training!

Weekly summary;


Upcoming week

My plan for the next week is to keep rolling with it and make sure I hit the ride sessions well. I am aiming to get away for a long ride on Saturday at around 11am so I can ride 5hrs with a bit of wind to prepare the mind.
I can then run long on Sunday morning with some fatigue in the legs from my long ride.
Another aim this week will be to have a double run day so I can load the km’s into my legs and not take away from the long sessions on the weekend.


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