6 weeks to go and it's getting real.

With 6 weeks to go till the Big Dance it's all coming together for Nath as more pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place.

Week in review

Things worked out very well this week and I was able to get a big week of training done which was great. I completed over 22hrs with a total TSS of 1380, which is probably the biggest week of training that I have ever done. My 13.7km of swimming was certainly the largest swim volume I’ve done in a week!

Things have settled down out home and back to normal routine now, with my wife recovering steadily from her back operation and family from overseas have returned home, which makes life much easier and less stressful. I pretty much have a clean plate from now until we leave in terms of family and other commitments now so I can bunker down and complete my training block hopefully.

My body is still holding up very well, with no injury concerns or niggles.

My mental fatigue is good, I’m not feeling jaded yet. Having Monday off was a great help as I freshened up nicely and jumped out of bed on Tuesday morning ready to get out and into my ride. This continued all week as I was able to get to bed at 8:30pm each night after being sledged by my kids for being a grandpa! But each morning I was up and into it easily, without hitting snooze on the alarm clock.

My key weekend sessions all went really well and I scored a nice sunny day for my long ride on Sunday!



A great week for positives for me this week, with the first positive would have to be the good volume I was able to complete this week. Most of the work I did was tempo style training, working at around or just above my ironman targets.

A summary of the week shown in the image below;



Secondly I have received my race wheels from wheelscience and I can now get them all sorted in time, with a few good training rides on them to make sure I have my bike setup all sorted nice and early. I got home from my post work swim on Friday afternoon feeling quite tired and fatigued to receive a parcel to open which gave me a great little lift!

They look really good with the matte black on black rims and are the perfect combination for what I would like to ride in Kona.


Wheelscience is a small company in Melbourne who are aiming to be big supporters of age group athletes, which is a good concept. I met Peter & Jo Coombe in Malaysia after the race in the bottle shop after the roll down, where I think we were racing to the Bollinger stand to celebrate Kona slots!

Wheelscience sell a range of carbon race wheels to suit all types of events and athletes and the concept is that they are putting back into the sport by sponsoring and promoting age group athletes who realistically the life blood of our sport and industry. If you are looking at some race wheels at a good price with the backup and support rather than risking buying second hand check out the site.


The final positive for the week is that I have been talking to Infinit nutrition and have purchased some products from them which hopefully will be the final piece of my puzzle for the race in regards to nutrition. I wanted to try their product as I need to lock in my race nutrition now to practice it over the next 5-6weeks. So it will be good to see that arrive and see how it goes. Jason from Infinit was very helpful and gave me some good information and pointers, so I will practice that next weekend.


One issue which has popped up this week is that one of my inspectors from work who I have trained up for site work broke his foot last weekend! I had him pencilled in to carry out some site work over the next 4 weeks so that I don’t have to go to site, but this means that I now have to travel to Mudgee on Tuesday until Thursday/Friday to work on a mine site. This is not optimal as there is no pool open at Mudgee at the moment and my riding may also be compromised.

I will just have to see how things work out when I get there and try and squeeze whatever training I can get done on the trainer in the mornings before work and then run after work. I will also take some bands with me so that I can do some band work in the gym to simulate swimming as best as I can.

The next 3-4 weeks are the panicle of my preparation and this is quite frustrating, but I will have to make the best of the situation. This is part of the reason why I really loaded up last week so that I can take it a touch easier during the week this week to recover and absorb that workload, then have another solid weekend next weekend.

Weekly summary;

Upcoming week

I have created a plan for the upcoming week, however it could go almost completely out the window depending on how things pan out with work etc!

I am quite fatigued and the plan I created is still quite onerous so I may pull a few sessions out and insert recovery sessions, I will just let me body tell me what it needs or feels up to as I get through the week. My main aim is to get to next weekend with the best training that I can achieve given the circumstances and to be fresh, ready to hit a good solid weekend of training. It is getting more about race preparation style training on the weekends now and these are becoming more key to me, so that when I race I will have done very similar stuff on the weekends for weeks prior and it is just a normal weekend almost!


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