Shimano overhauls their range topping tri shoe.

Shimano's tri shoes have been a popular choice for triathletes for many years. It has been a no-fuss solid performer. This season however, Shimano have rebuilt the TR09 from the ground up.

Shimano have been making triathlon specific shoes for more years than many athletes have been in the sport. They have become a staple of many triathletes kit due to their solid performance. 

Well, Shimano have released the TR9 and TR9W Elite level shoes redisgned with a range of new features that are sure to ensure Shimanos continued populaity in the transition area.  

I got to get my hands briefly on a sample pair when visiting Shimano HQ in Sydney.This first thing I noticed apart from the bright blue colur, was the feel of the shoes internals. With the tri cycle leg being undertaken most often sockless a soft and accomodating upper is essential to stop foot discomfort. These new kicks from Shimano seem to have certainly stepped up the comfort level of the upper and we cant wait to get a pair to test. In the mean time here are a few photos and a few more features. 

articleimageThe blue TR9 is touted as a Unisex model and the TR9W features a women's specific fit. 

articleimageThe outer is made from synthetic leather and breathable mesh to provide a stretch free fit with maximum ventilation

articleimageThe closure system allows for easy acces to the shoe and also features a forefoot velcro strap. 

articleimageThe heel loop is assymetric allowing for an easier pull on and features a second, smaller loop for elastic bands. 

articleimageThe toe cap features ventilation to allow for maximum air flow. 

articleimageThe new Shimano TR9 for the first time utilises Shimano's Dynalast technology for more effecient pedalling. The carbon sole is rated a 10 out of 12 for stiffness, and allows for greater adjustment of cleat positioning. 

The Shimano TR9's are due here in November, at which point we should be getting our hands on some test pairs to give a thorough working over, but first impressions indicate they should  be even more popular than their predecessors. 


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