The collective wisdom of Transitions is being leant upon for an insight into some new eyewear.

With Transitions being the largest forum for Triathletes in Australia there is no doubt the collective wisdom, wit and opinion will be highly valued.
I was recently approached to see if Transitions could be used as a sounding board for a new range of products, products that are often spoken about on the forum.
This is a new range of glasses, “Big deal”, I’m sure you will say, there are already plenty of glasses on the market for just about every style and budget and on that point you would be right. However where we are not spoilt for choice is in the corrective glass department.
Now I’m lucky enough at the moment no to require glasses for my everyday tasks but for those that do Triathlon throws up a few interesting dilemmas.
Firstly the range of prescription sports eyewear is limited.
Secondly they are usually expensive, often prohibitively so.
Then if you get over the first few hurdles there comes the compromises of low light versus bright light, safety of the lenses, and also the inherent fact that you are getting around with some very expensive kit where often looking after your glasses isn’t your main priority.
So this is where these new glasses may fill a much needed hole in the market.
Firstly they will be available as “regular” sunglasses in either a twin lens kit with a low light and bright light interchangeable lens, or a single photochromic lens, both these should come complete with a case and be well under $100.

However the most interesting part of the system is the option for these glasses to come with a “magnifier”. This is where the lower part of the lens has a magnifier section inlaid like a bifocal type arrangement so that with a slight aversion of the eyes you are now able to look down and read your bike computer or watch or even be able to read the menu at the coffee shop post ride. (The glasses pictured do not have the magnifier lenses but are to display the style options)

The glasses will be available with a 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 magnification and should be coming to market well under $200.
Now here’s the kicker, the magnifier lenses are also going to be potochromic as standard and will be a polycarbonate lens. Therefore you will have the best of all worlds, glasses you can use in all liht conditions that accommodate you visual shortcomings and without the worry of a glass lens. Oh and they are an Aussie company.
I have tried on both the frames pictured and must admit as a “sports glasses snob” I’m a hard marker, but these were pretty damn comfortable. They are light on the face, have an adjustable nosepiece and sit snugly around the temples, and for fit and feel I’d rate them on par with many of the major brands.

So, what they are after is a bit of feedback. Is this a viable idea and something triathletes would consider? Would it be something you would be keen on using? Do the glasses look ok?
In return for some constructive feedback we have been promised a few pairs when they are available to hand out for testing, so a few of you Magoo’s can try them and give us a first hand opinion.

Check out the forum to leave your feedback in this thread.

"See" you there!