4 weeks to go till Kona. Are we there yet??

With just 4 weeks to go until the Kona World Championship, Nath is pushing through the big sessions and feeling the benefits.... and the fatigue.


Week in review

Are we there yet???

Starting to get a bit tired now!


This photo was from Sunday morning after my 35km run which was the culmination a big few days which involved;

• Fri – 14km run session with some speed work & 3.6km swim
• Sat – 200km ride with 45 min run @ 4:24min/km off the bike

I’m hanging in there on this final push through to the taper and very keen to get there and have some R&R. The weather was terrific on the weekend and I was able to execute a near perfect training weekend of big work to prepare for the race.

Saturday was 7hrs of training with a 200km ride which involved 4 x 1hr at ironman power and then a 45min run at goal race pace afterwards.


Then on Sunday I completed a nice 2:45hr run of 35km where we preloaded the legs in the first hour and then did some good pace work for the remainder of the run. The can of coke at the 25km mark of the run was possibly the best can of coke I’ve had in my life, damn it was good!


My body is holding up very well, with no issues in terms of injuries or niggles, I’m just a little tired but a couple of gentle aerobic days this week and I’ll be ready to hit that final big weekend coming up. My family brought me a foot & calf massager for father’s day which is so good after hard runs, and it got a pretty good workout Sunday afternoon!


I have my nutrition pretty well locked down now after practising it for the past 2 weeks.

I have been using Infinit for the past couple of weeks and I am very impressed! I emailed them a couple of weeks ago and within 5 mins I received a call from Jason who spent 15 mins talking to me on the phone to help me work out the best solution for race nutrition. So I ordered a batch of nutrition and have been using as Jason’s recommendations for my long rides, with a double mix in each one of two biddons for my long rides. This will get me through around 5hrs for the 180km ride.

So I tried this approach on the weekend and had my aero bottle with water, then two biddons with a double dose of Infinit in each as recommended. This worked perfectly as I completed a 6hr ride only consuming the Infinit plus one banana and I had no hunger for the whole ride and importantly I had zero drop in wattage from my first 1hr interval to the last one! I hit all of my targets as well as I could have hoped for. Nutrition has been an issue that I haven’t had sorted for the past couple of races and it is good to have it back under control.

Disclaimer – I’m not spruiking or marketing Infinit as I purchased this myself and have no deals with them, I have just found the product and service to be very good.

My long run on Sunday morning was also a great session on tired legs, hitting all of my targets as well as I could have hoped for again. I preloaded the legs for an hour and then tried to build the pace to race pace and tick off the kilometres at my goal race pace getting used to switching off and knocking out the k’s. It all went well and I had some great company the whole run from a mate who is training for the Keppler 60km trail run in NZ in December which made it much easier.


A mate and fellow Team Prawn member who is also racing Kona, Ben Richardson, left to the big island on the weekend so I have don’t have him for my long rides now and he’s getting a head start on me with acclimatizing to the conditions!

Good luck to him, and it’s going to be hard getting updates from Kona over the next few weeks until we head over there.

Weekly summary;

Upcoming week

Next week will be predominately aerobic steady state training during the week to recover from last weekend and prepare for next weekend. I need to be careful now that I don’t overcook things and hit these race simulation weekends perfectly so I can have my body adapt to it and lock things in.
Next weekend will be a big weekend with 2 long rides on Friday and Saturday, (I’m taking Friday off work for this) in which Saturday will be a race simulation style of day where I will swim before my ride and then run afterwards. This should top me off nicely and then it will be into the taper!
I like to complete at least two 200km rides in the final 6 weeks of my preparations as I find it really helps you in the race after the 160km mark where things start to get tough. I find that this is where I ride away from people and consolidate some good gains as the 180km feels comfortable if you have these two big rides in the tank.
So deep breathes and here we go to try and get through this final push……

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