Ruley Basic Buso.

After getting our dry land swim training in line Ruley now takes us through a 10 week Ironman build to coincide with the SunSmart Ironman Western Australia at Busselton.

The aim of this program is to give those without a coach or a program some guidance. It is also a chance for forum members who tend to train solo to be on the same page as others and be able to join in a group discussion about how they are going. 

We will also use the forum to enable meet ups for that wish to find some company for safety, motivation or just to break the boredom of long days. 

To start with, here are some critical dates for you to pencil in to your calendar as these will be the long days where you will need to set asie some serious time. 

10 week Ironman Western Australia Program


Save the dates:

Sunday 11th October Long Ride
140-150km Ride – Things won’t have become too crazy yet.
Ride locations for each capital to be advised
8 weeks till Busso

Sunday 25th October Long Run
A group long run with options between 1h45 and 2h30m.
A poll will be set up to work out the location for each city and the coffee spot post run will be advised.


Sat & Sun 7th -8th November

The Big Weekend

Saturday 7th : 4km Open water swim – 180km Ride – 20minute run
Sunday 8th : Long run 2h-2h45m
Locations and times for each capital city to be advised
A good chance to see where you are at 4 weeks out from Busso

Sunday 22nd November Really Long Ride

200km ride
The routes chosen for each ride location will not be any crazy hill adventures but something that is relevant for Busselton. Routes and start times to be advised for each location.

2 weeks till Busso

*All training is undertaken at your own risk. Training program is indicative only an assumes a base level of fitness. Please consult your doctor before embarking on any training programe. 


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