A quick "look" at some new glasses.

We recently told you about some photochromic bifocals on Kickstarter, well we got pre-production pair to test. See what our not so eagle eyed reviewer thinks.


After receiving the glasses a call went out for someone with the right script to test these soon to be available glasses for a spin. 

Forum member "Ex-hasbeen" answered that call and here is his review. 

Roxii sent me a set of the Photochromic glasses last week for me to try out. Being an old bastard, I've been wearing reading glasses for the past 6 years, and have found over the past 3 that it's getting difficult to see the speedo on the bike. I've tried regular bi-focals, but they really aren't suitable for riding.

I've been for 2 rides in these now. The first was a short 30min ride during the day. The glasses felt great to ride in, and although not real dark, did provide good protection.

The 2nd ride was a bit longer, and went from just before dawn to an hour after. This is where these glasses come into their own. Not only are they a great clear lens, but with the small reading pane at the bottom inner corners, I could read the computer screen in the low light before sunrise when I normally have no chance. Then as the sun came up, they provided glare protection.

Overall, I was very happy with the glasses. They are light, comfortable, the lenses are very easy to see through, and they do what the maker says they will.

On the bike, the reading insert is in just the right spot to see the screen when in a normal position. On a cold morning, they keep the wind out of your eyes, but don't fog up like some other glasses do. The only time they fog is when you stop, but then defog almost instantly when you get going again.

The only minus I could find for them is they can't double as driving glasses, as the insert is not in the right place to see the dash instrumentation, but then again, that's not what they are designed for.

From me, it's a big thumbs up.



The KICKSTARTER campaign is HERE

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