With less than two weeks till GO TIME, Nath updates his progress. 

Nath prepares to pack his things and board the big silver bird to Kona to fulfill his Triathlon destiny and fly the Transitions flag for us.

Week in review

Well I did end up coming down with a slight cold unfortunately so I had to take it a bit easier last week. It was only minor with a bit of a sore throat, headaches, generally feeling tired and lethargic. I was in bed by 8 – 8:30 most nights as I just felt like I wanted to sleep. The terrible weather we had during the week made things worse, with the rain and wind it was not appealing at all to go out and train outdoors.

I completed easy rides on the trainer on Monday and Tuesday as well as a run on Tuesday but I needed to take Wednesday off as a rest day as I felt knackered from the virus. Then by Friday I was on the other side of it and starting to get back to proper training. The weekend sessions went quite well, even though I had to do a few hours on the trainer on Sunday due to the terrible weather. But I didn’t mind too much as I was able to watch the Welsh down the Poms in the rugby world cup which was a great match to watch! Anytime the poms are beaten, especially at their home ground is great to watch.

The training block and preparations are really starting to drag out now and with so many people in Kona posting stuff online is making it worse! It feels like I’m never going to get there, a bit like those second and third last intervals of an interval session where you are not at the end and you need to get them done to get to the last one! It still doesn’t feel like I am really going to Kona just yet as it seems like just another year where I am reading all about the Queen K, the energy lab, Ali’I drive etc. I cannot wait for this week to finish and get on the plane over there and relax knowing that everything is done. My biggest concern now is the things outside my control such as planes, bikes, virus’s etc. I’ve done everything within my control as well as possible and apart from staying away from the chocolates there is nothing more I could’ve done really.

The cold which I picked up was gone by Saturday and I was able to execute some half decent sessions on the weekend.

I seem to have regained some mojo on the weekend and ready to get the last week of training at home done.
The Saturday swim went really well in which after about 3km of various intervals I did 8 x 100m and hit 1:30 for every one of them in reasonable comfort. While this is nothing to write home about for most people it is a good sign for me, as the swim is my weak leg and getting to this pace normally requires quite a deal of effort and to do it after 3km I was very happy. I hope that this is a sign of a good swim coming up in a couple of weeks. Swimming is such an annoying discipline for those of us who don’t have that background where extra effort doesn’t translate into faster times, but only results in more lactate!

Lost some training due to having a cold early in the week, but the enforced rest may have helped in long term.
I was hoping to get to around 68-69kg for the race but haven’t quite made it….


Weight is not something that I really worry about or focus on. I know what an optimal weight for me is and I try to eat healthy to achieve this but don’t go out of my way to get really thin or anything. I just eat what the family eats and try not to eat too much bad food. So my race weight usually ends up being whatever I end up weighing, I don’t chase a number. Having said that, I would have like to be a kilo or two lighter as I have raced Melbourne at 68kg and ran a 3:19, so this is what I would have liked for Kona but I think that I am definitely stronger now than I was then.

Trying to keep my mind focused now is the hard part. I am normally only good for a 10 week preparation as after 10 weeks I have normally had enough, and I am rapidly approaching that point now so it will be good to get to Kona and get the excitement going.

Weekly summary;


Upcoming week

It’s worming time!

Something I picked up from AP here on Transitions, which I think is a good idea pre race. So I took my worm tablets as per AP’s advice, 2 weeks prior to the event to clear my gut of any potential passengers!


So this week will be a normal taper style week, with a little bit of decent work involved to spark the body up after last week. Generally though I will be training at my goal race pace or power and let the body recuperate ready for the impending battle.

Once again thanks to those businesses and people who have been with me along this journey, including the transitions community, it has been a great ride so far. I hope that people have gained something out of it in seeing what it takes to compete in an event such as Kona.

I am not the fastest or best in my age group, general in the top 5-10 in local events (not expecting that in Kona though!) and I don’t have the sports science or personal training background for all of the fancy workouts. I’m pretty much an ordinary age grouper who has learnt what I can from experience and applied it the best I can to achieve my goals.


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