The Zipp Transition 1 Gear Bag reviewed.

As we end our triumvirate of Zipp product reviews we now cast our eyes over the Zipp Transition 1 gear bag.

Triathletes generally have a lot of stuff. Triathletes always have o travel in some way to get to a race. Therefore we have t get all that stuff from home to the race with a minimum of fuss and hopefully without forgetting anything.
I have usually found tri bags fall into two categories, not enough separate areas or too many. The ones with “not enough” tend to become cavernous hold-all’s that can fit lots of stuff but also tend to make stocktaking or finding small items buried in a corner of the bag a real pain. Ones with too many pockets can lead to pre-race nerves becoming pre-race panic as you check and re check the same pocket looking for your race belt or lube as they are clearing transition. Now that may not be everyone, but it cerainly is me on race morning, admittedly I ofen may be looking for a race belt I'm already wearing or a goggles that are aroud my neck. Be that as it may until now I have never been able to find the perfect middle ground. 

Zipp have released the new Transition 1 bag to try and get you and your kit safely and securely to race start with the minimum of fuss.

The Zipp Transition 1 is a 56 litre bag that is water resistant and can be used as either a backpack or a duffel bag. The duffel strap is removable and the shoulder straps and waist strap can be stowed if used as a duffel.

Most notably on the outsie is the hemet pouch. Unlike other packs the helmet pouch on the Zipp Transition unclips and folds down. This is handy if you have an oddly shaped aero helmet or one with ear flaps that can be a struggle to get into other bags without damaging your helmet 

The main compartment is flock lined and the included dividers have Velcro flaps to allow them to be positioned to suit your own requirements. This customisation enables anal packers of all varieties to be accommodated, whether you pack by sport, colour or alphabetically. The dividers velcro to the back of the pack and to each other to give you the ability to change the layout to suit different events or requirements, they also assist in keeping the bag in shape so things dont disappear into nooks and crannys. 

The top is a separate zipper compartment with a moulded ABS lid to keep your important stuff safe, and to save you fumbling around looking for keys, phones and wallets post-race. It is also a great place to keep your race eyewear pre race, and your everyday glasses while you race.

The pack fits comfortably on the shoulders and the waist strap helps distribute the weight evenly. The padding blocks on the pack that rest against your back are a little firm when the bag is lightly packed but serve well when the weight is upped.
 articleimageThe Zipp Transition 1 is a good looking piece of kit that will nicely compliment your other Zipp goodies


The large main compartment can be cutomised with Velcro'd dividers to personalise your layout.

articleimageThe ABS top pocket keeps important things safe , stored  securely and easy to find.

articleimageThe seperate ventilated bottom pocket keeps wetsuits and wet stuff away from dry stuff with a waterproof layer.

articleimageAn aero helmet with visor fits neatly in the hemet sling and bottles can be kept in outside pockets in case of spillage. 

The padded back provides comfort and ventilation. Pockets allow for the unused straps to be discretely stowed.

articleimageAll this easily fit in the Zipp Transitions 1 with room to spare.

As far as riding with the pack is concerned it stays well put on the bike, however there is one gripe I have with tri packs generally. Iam yet to find one I can use while riding with my aero helmet on. Now this may be a design impossibility but it would certainly save having to ride to a race in my road helmet and carry my TT helmet. Luckily though the Zipp bag carries the TT helmet well. I would also like to see a designated light clip as early start times usually mean a pre-dawn commute to my local race and I like to stay safe. The Zipp Transition does have reflective tabs though as a nod to safety.

All in all a good looking and very functional bag for those that are looking for the middle ground between a simple duffel and a fully compartmentalised bag.  As with most things with the Zipp logo it comes at a bit of a premium with an RRP of $259.95 but does its job damn well and feels like it wont fall apart anytime soon.

I was genuinely surprised at how much stuff it held and still had room left over. The spare room left over when I had packed my gear had me wondering what I had forgotten but the clear and visible layout made it esy to do another quick stocktake. 

Nothin left to do but Zipp it up and get moving. 

RRP - $259.95

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