Pearl Izumi Run

Recently we were invited to check out the launch of Pearl Izumi’s 2016 range and here is what we found out.

Pearl Izumi have been well known here in Australia of their cycle, tri and run clothing and recently their cycle and tri shoes have been making some inroads into the marketplace.

While Pearl Izumi run shoes have been available for a little while now, 2016 marks the year when Pearl Izumi will be trying to making some bigger inroads into the local market.

While many other run shoes brands will try and dazzle with technical jargon or newfangled trademarked materials Pearl Izumi’s philosophy is simple. Deliver the smoothest running experience possible.

While the philosophy may be simple, delivering it still takes a hell of a lot of research, development and some new thinking.

In order to deliver a smooth running experience Pearl Izumi have a “dynamic offset” which changes the way the foot interacts with the ground and eliminates any “slap” that can be experienced, often literally, with other shoes.
Pearl Izumi have tailored the foam in the sole for maximum energy return and improved the outsole design to enhance traction.

What lies beneath: a look at the different cusioning zones in the Pearl Izumi sole. 

The naming protocol of the shoes may seem confusing at first but once explained it actually akes choosing shoes easier than doing so by model names.

The letters are indicative of the type of runner they are designed for

M=Midfoot Stability
H=Heel (Rear foot) Stability

The numbering is the level of cushioning with Zero being the race flat and topping out at a 3 for maximal cushioning.

The matrix which revelas the simplicity and clarity of the naming protocols.

For those that have problems with odd shaped or bunioned feet fitting into running shoes, Pearl Izumi have attempted to increase the comfort level of the shoes upper and the flexibility of fit by creating the seamless upper from a single flexible piece of material and providing the required stability using printing technology to give the shoe its integrity where needed without additional weight.

articleimagePearl Izumis one piece upper flattened out. 

While not necessarily contributing to performance the PI crew have done a great job of styling the shoes as well with nary a dud coulrway in the entire range, especially for those who require anything other than race shoes who are normally resigned to dull colour choices.

A selection of the women's range colours.

articleimageA selection of the men's range colours. 

Expect to see the 2016 shoe range in stores from early January. We have a pair to test in the interim and hopefully we will be able to bring you a review early in the new year as well.

Pearl Izumi are distributed by Shimano Australia.

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