2015 – A year in review

Lachie looks back on the year that was 2015. A big year for our young pro with lots of racing and lots of lessons.

Well, it’s safe to say it’s been a massive year. It didn’t end the way I necessarily wanted it to in Ballarat, but the truth is I just pushed it one or two races too far. I am still learning exactly how big of a race schedule I can handle, albeit slowly. Ballarat was a tough day in that my body and mind just didn’t want to go anywhere near their pain limits but conversely it provided me with an experience of what it means to ‘guts it out’ and finish the race and also, upon reflection, a good reminder of why I got into this sport, because of the fantastic and supporting people who are both cheering from the sidelines and also racing with you out on the course. I would like to say now that none of these experiences would be possible without the support of those who back both me as well as my journey.


- My sponsors; Jaggad, Cannondale, ENVE, Monza Cycling, Hammer Nutrition

- My coach Cam Brown

- My friends and family, especially my parents, brothers, Kaiting and Mimi

- Those who I look up to and give me advice, you know who you are

So, how do I look at this year? Was it successful?

Well, in short, yes. In order to determine whether a year is successful or not I think you first need to determine why in fact you do this sport. Ultimately for me, at this stage of my life, I do this sport because I absolutely love it. I won’t sit back and pretend to be the cool kid, I am truly a fan boy of the sport, I think about it every single day and I truly see it being my future. I am willing to put my all into it, no matter the final outcome. When I look at it from that perspective, I simply cannot sit back and tell myself that I havent’t had a successful year. No doubt, I made mistakes, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself and realised that the drive that is required to get to the top is there. I’ve pushed my body, and at times my mind, past where I should have but throughout it all my motivation to chase this dream and passion for it has not for one second wavered and for myself that is the epitome of success at this stage of my career.

Now, for a more analytical view of how the past 12 months have played out…

The year kicked off with a fun hit out at Challenge Melbourne with a 12th place in 4.01 followed by a 4th at the Warrnambool Sufferfest, comfortably one of my favourite races on the calendar! From there it was into my first Ironman whereby ambition far exceeded ability in the first half of the bike and I spent the last 6 hours experiencing more hurt than I have ever experienced before. With a lust for redemption partnered with a complete disregard for the implications of an Ironman on the human body, I decided Port Mac Ironman six weeks later was a fantastic idea.

As you will have read in previous blogs, it was not.... Another steep and painful learning curve… After an amazing trip around Europe with some time to reassess, revaluate and set some goals I came back focussed and ready for a tilt at the second half of the season and trying to garner some points for the 2016 half-ironman world champs on the Sunshine Coast. Entrusting the help of the legendary Cameron Brown for coaching I set about a very heavy racing schedule. In hindsight, I made life bloody hard for Cam with the amount of racing I wanted to do and whilst I have seen some great improvements under him in the last 6 months, I know that taking the time now to simply train for a couple of months and let the body absorb that training is going to allow me to do his coaching far more justice in races.

Since August, my results have been as follows;

- Bintan 70.3 – 5th
- Sunshine Coast 70.3 – 13th
- Port Macquarie 70.3 – 10th
- Mandurah 70.3 – 8th
- Challenge Shepparton – DNF
- Ballarat 70.3 – 16th

So, two top 10’s and a top 5 in three P-750 races (750 points available for pros), a couple of tough one’s, but ultimately not too bad. I feel like I’ve set myself with a great chance to get to Sunshine Coast next year and as I mentioned above I cannot wait to dig into a great training block under the guidance of Cam and be a far stronger, faster and more competitive athlete in 2016. Having been racing in the pro ranks since I was 18, I sometimes forget that I am only 21. There is still plenty of time and a hell of a lot of room for improvement and I cannot wait to tap into it. Exciting times ahead and I look forward to sharing it with all of those who are interested!

Till next year,


ED: I know I speak for all on Transitions when I thank Lachie for taking us along on his journey and we wish him all the best for the upcoing seasons and his future career. 

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