Revvies, caffeine on the go.

Want a caffeine hit, but can't stop for a coffee or in need of a mid race spurt but don't like caffeine tablets, then maybe Revvies are for you.


Caffeine, it seems, has become part of a daily ritual for most Australians, and with this ever increasing acceptance of caffeine as a day to day stimulant has also come greater acceptance and use of caffeine as a racing and training tool. The problem with caffeine to date has been that its most common delivery method, a cup of “Joe” is a petty cumbersome an inconvenient, not to mention increasingly expensive way to get a “hit”, and that’s before you take into account those folks, of whom I am one who simply don’t drink coffee.

“Revvies” are an innovative caffeine delivery system that have convenience firmly in mind. The strips are individually packaged in foil pouches that keeps them light and dry. Each Revvies strip delivers 40mg of caffeine to your system via small strips that simply dissolve on your tongue in seconds.

As someone who doesn’t partake in the coffe ritual I thought our samles would be better tested by some caffeine loving members, so I sent the samples out to “Rog” and “FitFastFat” for their opinions on the Revvies.


When I saw roxii's post asking for people interested in trying these new caffeine strips, I was quick to put my hands up and offer to give the product a go.

I’ve always been a big fan of caffeine for training and racing, not to mention my dependency on a cup of coffee before I can start functioning in the mornings.

The Revvies looked like a very interesting proposition from the moment I saw it. Not because I thought they were something revolutionary or any different to having a quick short black before going out on a ride, but because of the convenience of the format, and also the fact that they would be absorbed a lot quicker than your standard cup of coffee since they dissolve in your mouth and straight into your body.

Also, having a 2 year old in the house means brewing coffee (is making a Nespresso brewing?) at 4 in the morning is really not an option due to the noise levels. For that reason alone, the Revvies really appealed to me.

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve been having 2 Revvies strips pre-ride in the morning, and sometimes one prior to a mid-day swim session as well.

And do they actually make a difference?

It turns out answering this question wasn’t straightforward to me.

Did I feel an extra boost of energy, alertness and concentration during my sessions? Possibly, but it’s very hard to tell!

From a science point of view, I don’t think anyone can debate the benefits of having caffeine as a (legal) performance enhancer. But for someone who’s used to coffee running through their veins on a daily basis, it is very hard to objectively measure how much that extra caffeine actually helps.

So for me, the Revvies were really a more convenient way to have a dose of caffeine early in the day. At approximately $0.80 cents a pop, it’s around the same price you would pay for a Nespresso pod. The cost is not prohibitive but when you’re downing 2 or 3 of these every day, it can quickly add up! Still, it’s cheaper than buying a coffee out on the road, if you’re using it as a replacement product (not my case).

One minor thing I noticed about the strips is that they leave a bit of an artificial sweetener after taste in your mouth. It’s not offensive but some people may dislike the product because of it.

All in all, I will probably continue to use Revvies prior to key sessions or when I am feeling the need for a quick pick me up. It’s very convenient, and the caffeine benefits are beyond proven.

One thing I will need to keep an eye on is whether the extra caffeine consumption will have an effect on my sleeping patterns. I find that if I have any caffeine after 4pm it really affects the quality of my sleep so not sure whether the extra intake will make any difference.



Ok so I received the envelope containing four of the Revvies.

I went on a regular 10km run this morning and instead of the usual 100mg of caffeine via No Doze, I used two 40mg Revvies.

Opening the pack was tricky to do and would be trickier on the bike if you wanted to take some during a long ride.

articleimage"FitFastFat's" enormous  tradie hands opening a Revvie

Once I opened it and popped it onto my tongue I was pleased with the mint flavour, having two was a bit too much mint flavour and maybe in the future they could offer an 80mg single Revvie option?

Out on the run and I could feel the caffeine but it wasn't as full on as a No Doze, just enough I would say. Run went well and I finished in reasonable condition.

I liked the product, and I have had no ill effects. I would like a stronger option, 80mg maybe? Not sure how others found the packaging, tricky to open but I hesitate to guess that it would last very well in a jersey pocket or a wad of them in a bento box.

Overall I give Revvies a 9/10.

Minus the one point because of the packaging. But I have big tradie hands so maybe it's just me.

So there you have it, Revvies may not replace all your regular caffeine hits, but may be a convenient supplement for those wo like a hit on the go without haveing to queue behind and endless line of increasinly fussy, skinny soy latte ordering cafe dwellers. Although I doubt we will be replacing a post ride coffe stop for a post ride Revvie stop any time soon.  


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