Lachie Kerin 

There is so much more to being a professional sportsperson these days. Yes, you need to perform well and win races. But, in a sport like triathlon, prize money alone is probably not going to be enough to keep you going, let alone enhance your lifestyle.
In the modern sporting world exposure and sponsorship can be as important, sometimes more so, than winning. The problem these days, is finding your space in the market place which can be time consuming and these time constraints can affect the very thing you are striving for which is maximum performance.
So we decided it would be cool to give Transitions member and young pro triathlete Lachie Kerin a bit of a “leg up” by adopting him as “our Pro” and try and get his profile out there to gain him some exposure, to thanks his sponsors and hopefully allow him some time to train more and equally importantly continue his studies.


So here to get us started is a bit of a bio from Lachie. 

Who is Lachie Kerin?

I'm a 19 year old professional triathlete, currently focussing mainly on the half-iron distance format. However, I still regularly compete in sprint and Olympic distance racing over both the non-drafting and draft legal style of racing. I'm also a level 1 accredited coach, but do not currently coach any athlete as I still believe I have far too much to learn to be successful in that field. Along with triathlon I'm also completing a law/commerce degree after doing 1 year of a physiotherapy degree last year.

Where you are from?

I'm based in Melbourne. Luckily this year I was able to miss the worst of winter, spending my time over in the US racing against some top quality fields.



Some details about you?

I'm coached by Andrew Sleeman from Tri-Bal training and he has help me take some huge leaps and bounds over the last few years. I also get a lot of mentoring from both Colin Davis and Luke Bell, who more than anything are also just good mates.

What is your sporting background?

I played AFL football from the age of 6 until I gave it away at 16. I was luckily to end up playing at a reasonable level but in the end knew it just wasn't for me. I've also sporadically played basketball and did some rowing for a couple of years as well. I started athletics (3000m mostly) and cross country when I was 15, and, also played water polo from about grade 7. So in essence, I've played a lot of sport and it's always been a very big part of my life, luckily.


What does your training consist of? 

I swim mostly with Buddy Portier's squad down at Melbourne Grammar.

I ride three times a week with Tri-Bal (two being tough windtrainer sets) and then ride the rest as longer mid week rides either solo or with other athletes who are available (That is, not working.)

Running consists of a track session Tuesday morning and a threshold session Thursday morning with Tri-Bal, with the rest either being solo or with other athletes/mates.

A normal training week would usually be 20-25km swim, 400-500km bike, 65-80km run. (This week upon writing this has been 30km swim, 540km bike, and, 71km run)


What are your goals?

Well the ultimate goal is still, and most probably always will be, Kona. This is obviously very long term though. In the short term I just want to continue learning from the best guys and take every opportunity given to me, as well as to consistently be top 5-10 in pro fields in Australia. I would absolutely love to race Port Mac as my first Ironman, however with recent WTC changes it's seems like there may not be a pro race there by the time I get to racing Ironman.

What are your previous results?


10th  Shep 70.3
17th  Sunshine Coast 70.3
4th    Hawaii 70.3
11th  Buffalo Springs 70.3
11th  Vineman 70.3
3rd    Warrnambool Sufferfest
1st    Benalla Triathlon 2013
7th    Yarrawonga OD (draft legal)

What races are coming up?

Sunshine Coast 70.3 (September)
Noosa Triathlon (November)
Challenge Forster (November)
Challenge Phuket (Decemeber)
Auckland 70.3 (January)
Challenge Melbourne (February)
Warrnambool Sufferfest (March)
Challenge Bateman's Bay
Number of Sprint/OD races as they fit in my schedule



Who you look up to in triathlon or sport in general?

The number one person I look up to is my grandpa. He is an ex pro cyclist from back when they raced on asphalt velodromes and bikes were a hell of a lot heavier. He's got plenty of battle scars, including missing all his top teeth! He is the hardest, toughest dude I know and I draw all of my inspiration from him and what he achieved. He also, gets on the internet and Facebook and does his research and most of the times has studied my race and my competitor within minutes of me finishing. He's a legend.

Within triathlon the guys I look up to lost are definitely Luke Bell, Col Davis, Steven Waite, and, Peter Robertson. They all have different ways of going about things and I appreciate their advice whenever possible.

.... and of course your sponsors.

I'm so so lucky to have the support of all my sponsors;

Jaggad, Cannondale, Enve, SRAM, Fizik, Bell, Tri-Bal, and of course, my awesome mum and dad to whom I will be forever grateful.

So folks that's Lachie, I know you will all be behind me in wishing him all the best for his upcoming races and hopefully we will hear more tales from the road, race reports and a few victory speeches from him in the near future on these pages. 

Go Lachie! 


Photos provided by Lachie.