Fusion announces arrival of it's new Speed Suit.

We have previously race tested Fusion's Tri Pwr short, Tri Top and Speed Top combo, with great results.

Now Fusion believe that their new Speed Suit really does bring together some of the best, and importantly race proven, elements of the well-established Fusion TRI PWR Shorts and SPEED TOP.

The Speed Suit is the first sleeved suit from Fusion that has been several years in the making.

I have been on the sleeved tri suit bandwagon for a few years now, what started as a mistaken purchase ended up changing my idea of comfort and sun protection and I think they will only get a greater market share in the coming years.

The Fusion Speed Suit has been worn and tested by a number of pro athletes in 2013 including Tim Don, and with further refinements it was ready for its 2014 release.





Fusion list the benefits of the new suit as:

Technical Fabrics: Top (white) constructed from FUSION ICE-PWR fabric. Bottom (black) constructed from FUSION PWR fabric. Two versions of the PWR technical fabric, both made in Italy and both utilising LYCRA® POWER™ a certified compressive fabric. The ICE-PWR fabric also incorporating cooling technology.

Fit & Comfort: Unique fit for running, cycling and swimming. Particularly focused on ensuring performance and comfort across all three. The black PWR bottoms providing a firm /compression fit, minimising movement between fabric and skin and in turn the risk of chafing. The ICE-PWR fabric is also a snug compression fit however allowing more stretch so as not restrict movement in the swim and also accommodating the change in position from swim, bike (TT position) and run. Front zip allowing for a more relaxed fitting top during the run. Flatlock stitching for additional comfort.

Performance: Clean minimalist design, compression fit, minimal stitching and single piece of ICE-PWR fabric on the top minimising drag.

Breathable: Highly breathable fabric aiding cooling, allowing moisture evaporation and providing sustained comfort.

Cooling when wet: The white ICE-PWR fabric, when wet and combined with air flow promotes the evaporative cooling effect i.e. the body's natural cooling mechanism.

Sun Protection: SPF/UV rating of 50+.

Heat Reflection: White top to reflect heat i.e. minimise heat absorption.

Ventilation: YKK autolock quick release front zip both for venting and a more relaxed fit during run.

Chamois design: Low Profile 4 way stretch chamois designed for running, with dual independent layering for comfort and to combat chafing. Utilising a micro-fleece lined Super Roubaix fabric inner layer for maximum comfort against the skin. Identical chamois to that used in the TRI PWR shorts.

Nutrition: Tight fitted (body hugging) Pro Mesh energy pockets on each leg, carrying up to 2 gels each


With the new season coming at us headlong, John from Fusion will hopefully be getting us one of these suits to test so stay tuned.


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