Lachie's winter break.

They say when life serves you lemons, it's time to make lemonade. Let's hope Lachie has the Soda Stream handy to add some fizz to his lemons.


Winter time, injuries and looking forward.

Well, it’s been some time since I last put some words down in relation to triathlon, be it training or racing. After Noumea International Tri (5th) and Busselton 70.3 (15th) in the space of two weekends, I was most certainly a little tired but I knew I had just one more race to get through at Japan 70.3in order to gain some extra qualifying points for 70.3 worlds… Then it would be time for a little break. Unfortunately, however, my “little break” has come earlier in the form of a stress fracture in my sacrum (pardon the pun). Although I have had a few little injuries and sicknesses throughout the last 4-5 years, this is well and truly my first major injury and something that was undoubtedly tough to take on the chin. The aftermath of this is essentially no running for 9-12 weeks before a gradual build back into running. So where does this leave things now?

A few days before the news of the “little break” came to light I was happily informed that I had been selected for the ITU Long Course Worlds in Oklahoma on September 24th or as I’m now looking at it, 19 weeks after finding out about the stressie. Is there a lot of confidence that I will be at full running fitness for it from the doctor, not really… Do I think I can be? Yes. I will not be at all trying to push the injury at a faster rate than I should, however, I will be doing everything in my power to make sure it is healed and that I’m in a position to be on the start line safely.

So, what then lays ahead? Lots of swimming, lots of riding, there is no other way to put it. With the colder winter months ahead in Melbourne town it’s time to look at the positive. Will I be swimming like Andy Potts and riding like Lionel Sanders after the next three months? Probably not. Can I use the next three months to try and build my swim up to a level where I can confidently back myself to make front packs consistently and continue to build upon my ride which I truly believe is already moving in a good direction? Absolutely. If I am healthy enough to race worlds, I think this approach will give me a great shot at having a good day, if not it will leave me in good stead for a hopefully long career ahead.

Watching my good friend and fellow triathlete just get on with job of doing what he could through a recently broken hip, I am no longer worried. Complaining and feeling sorry for yourself is useless, using the time to work on other areas of your game is not. I cannot wait to get back on the bike and I look forward to being back at it later this year, through this injury, stronger and faster. Apologies to all those who have dealt with me being a miserable bastard over the last week and thank you to all those who have, and continue, to support me. I’m refreshed, revitalised and ready to be back racing hard at some point this year.

Time to dig in.


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