Slick Sliding around – body spray lube from SBR

TRISLIDE is the ONLY anti chafing, anti-friction, anti-blistering product found in a convenient environmental friendly aerosol spray. "Turtle" took the lube spray for a "little run".

I’ve been in the tri/running game a while now and tried all sorts of lubes for various body parts. From Vaseline, to creamy ones, in tubs and tubes – I’ve tried it all. For everything from a wetsuit neck to the old saddle area and under pack straps for ultras, there’s many a place where a little less friction would be good. There’s even a fair few female specific spots on the upper body that can be a fright in the post-race shower.

So, when I headed on up to UltraTrail Australia for my 100km attempt, I had in my bags all the different versions I had used previously. In the past, I’ve had to reapply during a 18 hr event, so I had stashes in my checkpoint bags to reapply, and a small one to carry with me.

In true consumerism-style I headed up to the expo to look at all the things I didn’t need in all sorts of pretty colours. However, there was one stall that did catch my eye – SBR BodyCare. They had 2 products on their table – TriSlide and SkinSlick. They are exactly the same product, just in 2 different can size options and colours.


I had a chat with the folks, and they demonstrated the spray on my arm. The benefits they sold me on were:
- the fact that it is an aerosol can – so no mess on your hands. You spray it on and let it settle. No rubbing required
- It’s totally sweatproof and waterproof
- Can only be removed with needs soap and water – so ridiculously long lasting unless you’re doing a bit of soap wrestling

Now, even with the lube I had tried previously, I still put patches of tape all over me in the real hotspots – looking like a hospital escapee. So I was pretty keen to try it. I was a little sceptical, but I bought the small can so I could carry it with me in case I needed to re-apply mid-event.

Race morning arrived, and I sprayed this stuff in all the usual places. I left it around 30 sec, then dressed as normal. And stuck the can in my pack. If you touch it (which there is no actual need to do) it feels a little greasy initially, but once it settles on your skin you don’t notice it.

For the race, I didn’t make the full 100km, due to a recent knee issue. However, I was out there for 15 hours of running, walking and sweating with a run pack full of gear that wasn’t needed and loads of water.
At no point did I ever feel any chafing or hot spots starting to develop. For the first time ever, I had absolutely no irritation anywhere, and hadn’t needed to reapply at any point.


This is my new best friend for running – and I’ll even keep it in mind at any other time as it really does protect the skin from irritation. Even on the bike it’s a whole lot better than those greasy gunky chamois lubes.

The can I bought was Skin Slick. However the slightly larger blue can called TriSlide is exactly the same product. Since Skin Slick is in a smaller can (about the same size as a gel packet) it’s ideal for events/travelling, or carrying with you on a hike or a run, for example, just in case you feel a spot developing. The larger can of TriSlide would be good for training, or anything home or gear bag based.

So final decision? A++. 10/10. It did everything it said and more. So for a long lasting light skin lube and protectant, I’d definitely recommend this.

SBR Bodycare also make some other products – if they’re as good as the Skin Slick, they’ll be better than advertised!

Big thanks to "Turtle" for doing this great review. 

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