WD-40 Bike.

There is no doubt that the two best tools at your disposal when maintaining your bike are time and elbow grease. However having the right equipment for the job can cut down the amount of each of those you may require.
If you were to watch the instructional videos on WD-40’s website it all seems a little too easy.

Hose, squirt, rub, rinse and away you go!!

I reckon I’m ok at cleaning my bike and over the years have tried a few concoctions which give reasonable results and have differing methods depending on whether I’m doing a quick clean or a major clean. However I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing that moment when you have finished packing everything up and begin to admire your handiwork when you notice some ingrained gunk still wedged somewhere in the brake calipers, tucked inside a wishbone or behind the chain rings, making you feel like it was all for nought.

So I was hoping the WD-40 bike range would be as easy as portrayed in the video and hopefully has results equally as good. As “luck” would have it mother nature gave me a perfect opportunity to test out the range with a sudden downpour catching me a ways from home, with a few kilometres of road works to traverse I was ensured a reasonable coating of mud spray and road grime to fully test the properties of the WD-40.

So in order to attempt to not be disappointed I did the very un-manly thing and watched the instructional videos first and attempted to follow them to the letter. Now the methodology of the WD-40 clean is essentially no different to my usual routine so the only difference is the products I’m using, my generic degreaser and wash replaced with WD’s bike specific items and my regular lube replaced by WD-40 dry chain lube. If you have an expensive bike you may also have had that split second thought in the back of your mind as you squirt a generic degreaser on your pride and joy, when you wonder if it is safe for exotic carbon fibre frames. With WD-40 you can be assured that their products are safe for all frame types and finishes.

So as per the video, a quick hose down, a liberal application of degreaser on the cassette and chain. Then a healthy squirt of the foaming bike wash all over, a good sponge and a scrub with a stiff brush.

Mid-way through the process I was wondering what the big deal was, it seemed no different to my usual clean as I sponged over the bike. However when the process was complete and the hose was applied to wash off the remnants of the foaming cleanser the results were startling to say the least. The cassette and chain looked like new, the lovely DA9000 cranks were glossy and shiny again and a quick check of the brakes nooks and crannys showed no signs of remnant crud.

articleimageMmmmmm, shiny!  

After a light dry off, then a quick drip application of the WD-40 Dry Lube, which I must comment was noticeably pleasant smelling, and the beast was ready to roll. I have also applied the frame protectant to my matte carbon frame and look forward to seeing how that goes in the long run.

Any dentist would be happy to see teeth this clean

What I was left with was a bike that was running silently and shining like it was almost new. I don’t know that there is much more you can ask for. Unfortunately next ride out I was rained on again, but I don’t look to bike washing with such trepidation now knowing 15 minutes well spent will leave me with a first rate job.

Showroom Shine

I know some cyclists swear by their chosen lube and will not hear anyone speak of another, so if this is you and you are “rusted on” to your chosen lube at last do yourself a favour and try out the WD degreaser and cleaner. From now on my generic cleaners will be reserved for generic jobs and for bike cleaning I’ll be using bike specific cleaners.

In short it is quick, effective and keeps your bike looking and running its best.

For more info on the entire WD-40 bike range visit WD-40 Bike.

WD-40 Bike is Distributed by Dawson Sports Group

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