Long Course Build – A General Week

 For the first time I’m going to put it on public record that I have my eyes on potentially making an Ironman debut at Ironman Melbourne in March next year. As it stands I have yet to fully commit, rather the aim is to start the training for it and reassess at the end of January. If I am able to hit the targets I believe required to give the distance the full respect it deserves I will race, if not I will not. Simple.

 As it stands, however, I have spent the last seven weeks preparing for a big month of November, starting with Noosa followed by Challenge Forster, and then finishing off with Mornington Long Course. Thus, the focus has been on logging some solid miles and building my strength to be as competitive as possible over the half-distance. I am looking forward to Noosa, however I am also aware that I have not done the specific work to target this distance and rather will be going there to race as hard as possible, but also with nothing to lose.

The following is a template of a ‘big week’ for myself over the last seven weeks;


- AM: Easy 3hr spin along Beach Rd (approx. 90km)
- 30min easy jog off the bike (6-7km)
- PM: Swim Squad at Melbourne Grammar. Solid session with lots of threshold work (6km)


- AM: Run, track session with approx. 6-7km of ‘work’ with reps ranging from 500m-2km (total distance 12km)
- Mid-morning/Midday: Ride 2.5hr including 3x10min SE with 5min rest and 3x5min TT @ OD pace with equal rest (70km)
- PM: Swim squad at MGS. Shorter intervals with longer rest. (4km)



- AM: Ride 4hr mostly easy. (120-130km)
- PM: Swim squad at MGS. Longer threshold work. (6km)


- AM: Run, tempo session. Usually around the ‘Tan.’ Three laps descending from HIM pace to Olympic Distance pace + WU/WD. (Total distance 15km)
- Midday: Recovery swim (2km)
- PM: 2hr ride including last hour on the wind trainer with Tri-Bal squad. 2-5min efforts totalling approx. 30-40min of work. (This may occasionally be 2x20min or 1x30min threshold effort). (60-70km)


- AM: Ride 3hr+ easy (100-110km)
- Midday: Easy 45min jog @ Kew (10km)
- PM: Swim squad at MGS. Usually long intervals i.e. 8x800m on 11min (6-7km)


- AM: Ride 5hr with 30min jog off the bike (160km + 7km)
- PM: Optional recovery swim (2km)



- AM: Easy 2hr spin with coffee. (60km)
- PM: Long run (around 4.30pm), 22-24km @ 4.15-4.30 pace with potential to pick up the last 20min.


- Swim: 24-26km
- Bike: 500-600km (Dependant on training where most riding was done)
- Run: 70-75km (One 90km week build whilst in Hawaii)


In terms of making the jump up to the longer distance I believe that my ride volume would not have to drastically increase but the make-up of the kilometres would most likely would. Run volume would definitely have to increase in an Ironman specific build and this is something that would have to be very closely monitored closely with my coach.

It should also be noted that basically all of my swimming is done with a squad at Melbourne Grammar whereby I swim in the afternoons. The afternoon session often affords a lane to myself or shared with max of 1 or two others (Usually Chloe Mcardel and/or good mate Luke Bell) and is also, for mine, a much more beneficial session than the mornings. The only downside is that it starts at 4.45 making it tough for most with jobs.

Lachie is racing Noosa this weekend, find him an say "Hi!" and wish him luck.  After that he is on to Challenge Forster and then we will watch his progress towards Ironman Melbourne.